AIRVALENT – Where Design Meets Technology!


At “RIGA COMM 2023” discover AIRVALENT – a compact and precise air quality monitor with a set of unique and custom designs for a healthier and elegant indoor environment.

Combining precision with style, this compact (5×5 cm / 2×2 in) monitor is equipped with a nondispersive infrared sensor for accurate CO2 measurement, alongside relative humidity and temperature monitoring, to ensure your indoor environment remains comfortable and healthy.

AIRVALENT offers a range of pre-designed displays and casings, as well as an option to customize your very own design to seamlessly integrate it into any home or office.

And with our user-friendly App, you’ll always be able to track real-time air quality data to optimize your indoor surroundings and ensure a healthier, more enjoyable space. Certified under ISO 9001, our brand upholds high-quality standards and offers a broad range of services to customers worldwide.

Introducing AIRVALENT, an advanced air quality monitor developed by Aspired SIA, a Latvian company specializing in electronics, prototyping, and manufacturing. Aspired  provides also a full cycle manufacturing of customised interactive solutions for science centers, showrooms and museums.