Wallester Revolutionises Fintech Industry with an Innovative Payroll Program


Wallester, an innovative Fintech company headquartered in Estonia, is making waves in the financial technology industry with its ground-breaking payroll cards program. This program offers a unique solution for businesses seeking to optimise human resources and streamline payroll expenses efficiently. Available in seven major currencies, including Euro (EUR), United States Dollar (USD), Swedish Krona (SEK), Czech Koruna (CZK), Norwegian Krone (NOK), Hungarian Forint (HUF), and Romanian Leu (RON), Wallester’s payroll cards program has garnered significant attention and acclaim.

As a customer-centric Fintech enterprise, Wallester remains committed to understanding and addressing the needs of its clients. Through comprehensive research and analysis, the company identified a growing demand for innovative financial products, specifically payroll management. In response, Wallester embarked on a mission to develop a dynamic solution to revolutionise how companies handle payroll, empowering businesses of all sizes to achieve greater efficiency and financial control.

Sergei Astafjev, CEO of Wallester, stated, “At Wallester, we wholeheartedly believe in the transformative potential of technology in reshaping conventional financial operations. Our journey began with a modest idea in a boardroom, and today, we proudly witness our visionary concept manifest into reality through the Wallester Business Payroll Program.”

The Wallester Business Payroll Program offers businesses a seamless and secure way to manage companies’ payrolls across the diverse European Economic Area. By leveraging the program’s multi-currency feature, businesses can effortlessly handle payroll operations in different countries, eliminating complexities and reducing administrative burdens.

Wallester takes security seriously and uses advanced measures to protect sensitive financial data with PCI DSS Level 1 certification. This ensures the safety of businesses, cardholders, and Wallester Business users. Along with real-time expense tracking and report downloading the Wallester Business solution allows unlimited Visa card issuance through a mobile application or user-friendly platform. REST API is easy to integrate and customised preferable features according to Business needs.

Wallester’s solutions provide valuable insights into company expenditures and streamline financial workflows. With a growing clientele, Wallester is a pioneer in the Fintech industry, committed to enhancing financial experiences through customer-driven solutions and continuous innovation.

For more information about Wallester and its innovative payroll card program, please visit https://business.wallester.com/payroll-card or https://wallester.com/.

About Wallester:

Wallester AS is a cutting-edge financial service provider that empowers businesses to establish customised Visa card programs and payment infrastructure.

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Wallester strives to redefine traditional financial processes by harnessing the power of technology and innovation.

Wallester is a proudly VISA Principal Member, Fintech Fast Track Member, Visa Ready certified, and TOP 5 Visa card issuer in Europe under the license of Estonian Financial Supervision Authority with HQ in Tallinn, Estonia, and Valbonne, France.