Working time

  • 5 October 10:00 – 18:00
  • 6 October 10:00 – 17:00


International Exhibition Centre Ķipsala,

Kipsalas street 8, Riga, Latvia

Business technology and innovation exhibition and conferences

RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event for entrepreneurs of service and manufacturing fields, multi-level executives of state institutions and organisations and professionals representing multiple fields of operation, where they can learn about the latest offers of digital service providers and product manufacturers from the Baltics and other countries, consult with knowledgeable specialists and together select the solutions that are most suitable for one’s business or organisation, all in the same place.

The goal of the exhibition is to encourage modernisation of companies, organisations, state and municipal institutions for more effective operation. The content of the exhibition is suitable for entrepreneurs and executives of all fields.

  • Exhibition

    The only annual business and IT field exhibition in the Baltics, where developers and suppliers of business resource management, document management, personnel management and safety systems, providers of cloud, internet and digital marketing services, developers of web solutions and mobile applications, as well as manufacturers of ICT products offer ready and personalised solutions to companies, municipal institutions and organisations of different fields and sizes for more effective operation. Every visitor will receive consultations and suggestions for a more appropriate solution in the stands.

  • Fintech Conference

    Progressive financial technologies and tools for businesses and organizations at the Fintech track. Fintech has the potential to provide faster, better and new financial services. Discover fintech solutions, turn to account and your business and customers will appreciate it. Follow on FB  | Follow on Linkedin

    Stage: Wallester Executive     |     Date: October 6     |     Partners: Wallester and Finance Latvia Association

  • E-commerce Conference

    E-commerce is a fast-growing and changing sector: the number of people buying goods and services online has increased, so traders need to constantly develop or even add new digital distribution channels. Learn about the latest e-commerce trends, strategies and tactics proven to be the most effective, capabilities and building of e-commerce platforms. Learn how to sell, automate processes and organise deliveries, listen to suggestions for creating advertising campaigns. Participate in discussions on future e-commerce solutions for improved business performance and increased turnover. Follow on FB  | Follow on Linkedin

    Stage: Salesforce & GBC Team Digital     |     Date: October 7     |     Partners: Salesforce, GBC Team and

  • Cybersecurity Conference

    Is cybersecurity one of your top priorities in your organization? If not, you expose your organization, its infrastructure and data to tangible and intangible risks from various types of IT security incidents. Because with the development of the digital environment, the number and intensity of cybercrime is increasing. Therefore, the conference will discuss how to assess cyber security risks and implement risk management strategies for secure IT infrastructure and corporate networks, how to protect infrastructure, applications, users, their access and data, and what security tools and solutions to choose to prevent incidents and protect your organization. Follow on FB  | Follow on LinkedIn

    Stage: Wallester Executive     |     Date: October 7     |     Partner: Wallester and Headtechnology

  • HR Tech Conference

    The need for a Smart Human Resource technologies is becoming more important, especially for large-scale enterprises. You can be ready today and use the latest Smart HR technologies. We will talk about Smart HR solutions for workforce management, planning, engagement, training, well-being management, mutual communication, assessment & feedback, bonus management, recruitment, analytics and other tools for advancement in recruiting, motivating, retaining and talent development. Follow on FB  | Follow on Linkedin

    Stage: TVNET GROUP Smart     |     Date: October 6     |     Partners: TVNET GROUP un SmartHR Latvija

  • Digital Marketing Conference

    Lectures by digital experts and trainers regarding digital sales and marketing tools and the practical use thereof on a daily basis with illustrated examples. Lecturers will provide the latest information on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, GDPR in marketing and sales, email, content, affiliate, mobile and influencer marketing, website optimisation and analytics, chatbots, advertisement and social networks, digital and export strategies for attracting customers, as well as main sales tools. Follow on FB  | Follow on Linkedin

    Stage: Salesforce & GBC Team Digital     |     Date: October 6     |     Partner: Salesforce and GBC Team

  • Machine Learning Conference

    How does AI process automation help simplify organization workflows? Intelligent machines can take the information we have and use it to generate the information we need. Productivity can be increased by prediction tools that help to make new future decisions of your organization processes and creates opportunities for new business structures and strategies. AI and ML are making prediction better, cheaper and faster. It will impact your business, your organization and your industry today and tomorrow. The conference will explore the possibilities of the use of intelligent machines. Follow on FB  |  Follow on Linkedin

    Stage: Future     |     Date: October 6     |     Partner: Intelligent Machines Riga

  • Web3 Conference

    Decentralized Internet is here, but there are many questions about blockchain technology and decentralized applications that need to be answered. What is Web3 (DeFi, NFT, DAO, GameFi, Dapp, MetaFi and other blockchain technologies)? What digital infrastructure solutions has the Web3 community already developed in the areas of payment, digital identity, digital ownership, data protection, privacy and more? We will introduce the Baltic Web3 projects and tools. Follow on FB  | Follow on LinkedIn

    Stage: Next     |     Date: October 7

  • Women in Tech Conference

    In order to encourage more women to join the technology industry and draw attention to women who have made progress in this sector. In the Women in Tech conference female tech leaders will inspire with their success stories and invite women to become involved in the creation of business and technology. More women in technology companies will not only improve gender balance but will also contribute to technological advancement – women’s skills and knowledge will lead to even better products and solutions. The WIT conference is organized in cooperation with the community “Riga TechGirls”. Follow on FB  | Follow on LinkedIn

    Stage: Future     |     Date: October 7     |     Partner: Riga TechGirls

  • Influencers Conference “SIJĀ AUZAS!” (LV)

    In the Latvian folk song “Sijā auzas, tautumeita” our ancestors talked of a dilemma about whose sled the girl should take – a bridegroom will carry her throughout life, whereas a brother will only do so for a short distance. The story is still relevant and can be applied to cooperation between brands and influencers. We now have to think about lifelong cooperation and growth rather than short, fast, random campaigns, which are likely to bring short-term results. Which is why this year’s conference “Screen your oats!” will cover such topics as screening for quality, critical thinking, and the cornerstones of successful cooperation. Get rid of digital chaff! Sekojiet FB | Sekojiet LinkedIn

    Stage: Future     |     Date: October 7     |     Working language: Latvian     |     Partner: BT 1 Communication

  • B2B Marketing Workshop (LV)

    Achieving good results in any field calls for an efficient system that works flawlessly at its every stage and node. Digital marketing and finding new clients in export markets is no exception. During our workshop, we will look at the key elements of a B2B marketing and client acquisition system, and the principles and practical aspects of setting up such a system. Joined by industry experts, we will analyse the role of marketing in organising B2B today, and think about how to build successful cooperation with sales and other teams. In the end, we will work together to create market (Go-To-Market) strategies for offering a tech product on the international B2B markets. We invite tech company founders, managers, and marketing and business development managers to join the workshop. Follow on FB | Follow on Linkedin

    Stage: Next     |     Date: October 6     |     Working language: Latvian     |     Partner: IBD Consulting

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    Your company’s secure and private communication platform Alter!

    Partner: Alter

Reasons to attend RIGA COMM

Develop your professional knowledge!

Keep up with technology trends!

Create a long-term businessdigital development plan!

Meet industry professionals – consult with and share experience!

Establish new contacts and strengthen existing ones!

Learn about innovation to increase business efficiency!

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