Robot pet and robot waiter, at RIGA COMM 2023!


A robot waiter, a telepresence robot, a cobot, a four-legged robot, and other tech solutions will demonstrate their capabilities at the RIGA COMM 2023 fair and conferences which will take place in Ķīpsala, on 5 and 6 October. There will even be a robot barista serving delicious coffee. See you there!

Revolutionary robot waiter

Would you be surprised if a robot served you at a bar or restaurant? A robot that can take your order, smile at you, and return moments later with the food or drink you ordered. That’s the kind of robot you will meet at “RIGA COMM 2023”! Called T8, it will demonstrate its capacity to interact with humans and move around in dynamic environments. T8 is mainly intended to be used as a waiter in restaurants, but it is also suited for small clinics, retail shops, bars, and other places.

Telepresence robot

This is the solution for those who want to be in two places at once! The fair’s guests will be able to see and try a telepresence robot, primarily created to improve the involvement of schoolchildren who learn remotely in their studies. The telepresence robot can be anywhere in the world and remotely controlled by the user. And it can move around!


Come to “RIGA COMM 2023”, and play noughts-and-crosses with a cobot! The main purpose of a cobot, or collaborative robot, is to perform important but monotonous tasks in large industrial enterprises, but they can be programmed to do a large variety of things. The fair’s guests will witness how a cobot plays games and sorts objects.

Four-legged robot

It’s a pet that doesn’t require walks or feeding, and that listens to your every word! The four-legged robot looks like a dog, can navigate complex environments, walks on its hind legs, does flips, and performs other tricks. This pet can be made to stay with a specific person, to run a marathon, and to take pictures. Come to the “RIGA COMM 2023” IoT and Robotics Conference, which will include a presentation of one of these revolutionary robots. The fair’s guests will find out how these robots are to affect people’s lives and the future of AI.

“RIGA COMM 2023” will also feature the UR3 Barista robot built by university students, which will treat guests to delicious coffee.

As already announced, 100 ICT solution developers and providers from more than 10 countries in the Baltics and beyond will participate in the “RIGA COMM 2023” fair and conferences, which will take place in Ķīpsala on 5 and 6 October. More than 210 speakers from 10 countries will offer talks on six stages during 12 conferences spanning two days.

Tickets are available online at, and will be sold on-site during the event. The ticket price will rise as the event approaches.

Event hours:

5 October, 10:00–17:00

6 October, 10:00–17:00

Venue: Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre (at Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga)

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