RIGA COMM 2023 Baltic business tech event: inspiration, business, and partnerships


On 5 and 6 October at Riga, Latvia, professionals in IT and business development will meet at the Baltic business technology event RIGA COMM 2023 to network and discover the latest in business technology trends.

Nearly 100 ICT solution developers and providers from more than 10 countries in the Baltics and beyond will come to this year’s RIGA COMM. More than 210 speakers from 11 countries will take the stage in the event’s 12 conferences across its two days.

Main stage

“RIGA COMM 2023” main stage will be the venue for two days of discussions and presentations on topics including healthcare technologies, digital sustainability, quantum and legal tech. People from Cognizant, Cobalt, Accenture, Bolt, Swedbank, Moller Auto, RB Rail, ‘Jeff app’, ‘Latvijas dzelzceļš’, Baltic No-Coders, and other companies will discuss current topics in digitisation.

If you would like to learn more about the Asian market and how you can get into it with your business, make sure to come by the 5 October presentation by Riccardo Benussi, European business development manager at Dezan Shira & Associates. Meanwhile, to motivate yourself to prepare for these big steps in developing your business, we recommend a presentation by innovation specialist Thomas Anglero. He will reveal how to find motivation and how to navigate a life full of possibilities! Program: https://rigacomm.com/program/

Future of progress in finance

On 5 October, the first day of the fair, the Fintech conference will take place on the Wallester Executive stage, opened by Marta Cera, associate partner at Ellex Kļaviņš. She will talk about the latest news and the effect the digital euro has on payment systems. Experts from this stage’s partner, Wallester, will present adaptable physical and virtual maps and a brand mobile app, with which one can showcase their unique corporate identity and boost client loyalty.

Across the day, RIGA COMM’s guests will discover the latest news about cutting-edge financial institutions and technologies intended to combat financial fraud, and even learn how to find new partners. Find out more at: https://rigacomm.com/program/

Cybersecurity first

On 6 October, cybersecurity professionals from Asus, Nextcloud, Cytanic, KyberX, and others will come to the Wallester Executive stage. The speakers will present trends in cybersecurity, as well as tools, solutions, and strategies that can be used to minimise the risks of cyberattacks. Meanwhile, Menny Barzilay, Cytactic partner, will demonstrate the wrong ways of managing cybersecurity crises, discussing and analysing real examples to help the audience understand what could have been done differently for a better outcome. Program: https://rigacomm.com/program/

Web3 and its management

The Web3 conference will bring together experts from airBaltic, Bank of Latvia, Latvian Blockchain Association, and other Baltic companies. They will talk about the importance of NFT and digital assets in the digital world, about blockchain and financial systems in the Baltics, and the real value of developing Web3 projects. Find out more about the Web3 conference at: https://rigacomm.com/program/

Digital sales environment

Discover the latest and most effective digital marketing tools and strategies at RIGA COMM’s Digital Marketing Conference, which will take place on the Salesforce & LeverUP Digital stage. Salesforce and LeverUP partners, who have joined forces with Bite Telecom, will talk about influencing client behaviour at different stages of making a purchase. One also needs advertising to attract clients in a more effective way, which is why Uldis Vītiņš, executive director of Digital Matter, will discuss effective advertising in Latvian digital media. The event’s guests will find out about digital marketing trends and meet experts from Panic Studio, Surfshark, Bolt, Salesforce, LeverUP and other companies.

The E-Commerce conference will take place on the second day of the event, and will be a place to learn how to successfully sell your product on Amazon. Marks Daniels Zalomajevs, chief executive officer at INNELS, will share his experience. LeverUP and Bite Telecom will present a case study on personalising marketing in online commerce. For a detailed Salesforce & LeverUP Digital stage program, see: https://rigacomm.com/program/

Uses and limits of machine learning

Machine learning solutions can help any company to improve its efficiency, reduce costs, and drive innovation in their work. Achieving successful short-term and long-term results requires knowing how to correctly use machine learning solutions. Find out about the sustainability and limits of AI at the Machine Learning conference, which will take place on the Future stage in conjunction with Intelligent Machines Riga!

Integrating virtual and physical worlds

RIGA COMM returns with the IoT & Robotics conference, which took a year’s break, where experts from Getic, 1NCE, ABB, Ruijie Networks will share their knowledge about IoT and robotics trends and the current obstacles in these fields. For example, autonomous shops are appearing more and more around the world, meaning advances in autonomous shop tech. Ago Mõlder, chief technology officer of Grab2Go, will talk about the solution the company offers. Eric Brisset, founder of 0G Baltics, will explain how to use LPWANs.For a full Future stage program, see: https://rigacomm.com/program/

Human resources tech

On 5 October, on the Smart stage, Alīna Aronberga, airBaltic’ senior vice president for HR, will reveal the results of a study about how to improve the transition of workers to blockchain technology. Artūrs Banga, usability analyst and expert at Elva, will talk about the importance of automating the integration of new employees into your company. Experts from EY, Reiz Tech, Mindletic will discuss in detail the topics of HR optimisation and employee efficiency, as well as improving their well-being in the company.

Broad opportunities for everyone in tech world

For the fifth year in a row, RIGA COMM will host the Women in Tech conference, encouraging more women to find careers in the tech industry. On 6 October, on the Smart stage, representatives of Google, Solaride, and other prominent companies will share their experience of the challenges and opportunities in the IT and tech sectors. The conference will be held in conjunction with the Riga TechGirls community. Program: https://rigacomm.com/program/

Fair participants from 10 countries

Alongside the conferences, a tech fair will take place across the two days of the event, bringing together nearly 100 ICT solution developers and providers from at least 10 countries.

Find your tech solutions in fields spanning from corporate security and internal operations to various online commerce, fintech, and even artificial intelligence solutions. Wallester, LeverUP, Verifone, Tet, CRC, ESET, DocLogix, Paessler, Confero Technologies, Mitigate, 3RTechnology, ASUS, Smart-ID, and many others will present their latest products at the fair. Find out more about the participants at: https://rigacomm.com/en/category/participant-news/

The International Exhibition Company BT 1 organises the event, in conjunction with its partners: Wallester, Salesforce, LeverUP, Delfi, ESTO, Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, Äripäev, Asia Briefing, LTRK, and others.

Tickets are available online, and will be sold on-site during the event. The ticket price will rise as the event approaches.

Tickets: https://rigacomm.com/get-tickets/

Event hours:

5 October, 10:00–17:00

6 October, 10:00–17:00

Venue: Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre (at Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga, Latvia)

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