Darba laiks

  • 11 October 10:00 – 18:00
  • 12 October 10:00 – 18:00


International Exhibition Centre Ķipsala,

Kipsalas street 8, Riga, Latvia

Business technology and innovation exhibition and conferences

RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event for entrepreneurs of service and manufacturing fields, multi-level executives of state institutions and organisations and professionals representing multiple fields of operation, where they can learn about the latest offers of digital service providers and product manufacturers from the Baltics and other countries, consult with knowledgeable specialists and together select the solutions that are most suitable for one’s business or organisation, all in the same place.

The goal of the exhibition is to encourage modernisation of companies, organisations, state and municipal institutions for more effective operation. The content of the exhibition is suitable for entrepreneurs and executives of all fields.

  • Exhibition

    The only annual business and IT field exhibition in the Baltics, where developers and suppliers of business resource management, document management, personnel management and safety systems, providers of cloud, internet and digital marketing services, developers of web solutions and mobile applications, as well as manufacturers of ICT products offer ready and personalised solutions to companies, municipal institutions and organisations of different fields and sizes for more effective operation. Every visitor will receive consultations and suggestions for a more appropriate solution in the stands.

  • Executive Forum

    On 9 November, the first day of the fair, IT and other sector executives are invited to meet and have discussions at the “Executive Forum”.  The forum is special due to its content, which has been created by the IT executives themselves. Topics of the present year: social engineering, cyber threats, a cyber security operations centre as a concept, artificial intelligence and artificial vision technologies, GDPR prior experience, the future of banking, future blockchain technology, as well as alternative energy. The forum will also include an exciting user discussion “What about the cloud? To Cloud or not to Cloud?”

  • Fintech Conference

    Progressive financial technologies and tools for businesses and organizations. Fintech has the potential to provide faster, better and new financial services. Discover fintech solutions, turn to account and your business and customers will appreciate it.

  • IoT Conference

    Annual conference on the solutions and use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in business processes, as well as in state administration and urban environment management. How is IoT changing and how will it change the everyday lives of people, work of companies, management in cities or even the functioning of the entire country? What possibilities does IoT create and will it create for professionals of various fields, entrepreneurs and executives of municipalities? Discussions on the ability of IoT to improve efficiency, user experience, resource management, customer service, machine maintenance and its ability to reduce operational costs.

  • ML Conference

    The era of smart machines has arrived! Artificial intelligence is already practically being used in almost every sector. There is no doubt that all organisations will be using smart machines and algorithms in the coming years, in order to provide new and improved solutions, as well as to make better decisions. You will be able to make sure of this on October at the Machine Learning Practical Application Conference, where there will be a chance to view the possibilities for practical application of smart machines.

  • Blockchain Conference

    Conference will share relevant information to understand how blockchain technology such as cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, distributed databases, and public ledgers are going to transform industries, create new decentralized economies and impact societies in the near future. You will hear thought provoking speeches about one of the today’s most disruptive technologies and also learn about the hottest new thing in the crypto-community – ICOs. Attend the Blockchain conference and get yourself up to speed with the applications, ramifications and nuances of Bitcoin and the Blockchain from some of the leading Latvian and international experts.

  • Open Stage

    Practical and useful presentations by professionals of the technology industry and discussions between business practitioners on the development of modern-day business and technologies, as well as digital solutions and services that are already available for enterprises of various sectors.

  • Digital Marketing Stage

    Lectures by digital experts and trainers regarding digital sales and marketing tools and the practical use thereof on a daily basis with illustrated examples. Lecturers will provide the latest information on Facebook, email, content and mobile marketing, website optimisation and analytics, advertisement and social networks, strategies for attracting customers, as well as main sales tools.

  • Brokerage Event

    The EU’s largest research and development support programme, during which entrepreneurs and scientists from European countries meet.  All companies, universities and research centres are invited to attend the Horizon 2020 Latvian fair and meet in pre-planned bipartite discussions with the goal being to raise the competitive ability of companies on an international scale. Experienced experts from Latvia and abroad will share their experience and practical advice regarding the programme. Registration here.

  • ALSO University

    The largest IT wholesaler in Latvia – ALSO Latvia – will introduce all of those interested in the latest electronic products to be sold in Latvia – routers and modems, laptops, servers and data storage devices, monitors and screens, microcontrollers, compact printers, projectors etc.

  • Smart HR Conference

    The need for a Smart Human Resource technologies is becoming more important, especially for large-scale enterprises. You can be ready today and use the latest Smart HR technologies.

    We will talk about Smart HR solutions for workforce management, planning, engagement, training, well-being management, mutual communication, assessment & feedback, bonus management, recruitment, analytics and other tools for advancement in recruiting, motivating, retaining and talent development.


  • Productivity Conference (LV)

    Conference on optimization of business processes and its automation tools. For a modern company, business process optimization and automation with digital solutions are one of the most important preconditions for development. At the conference we will look at how organizations prepare for digitalization of processes, how to evaluate which business processes and functions need to be automated, how to choose the most suitable automation solutions and tools (ERP, CRM, HCM, SCM and others) for efficient and transparent process management and will be practical experiences from the organizations about the implementation process and results using automation tools. The working language is Latvian.

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