RIGA COMM Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Bots Conference

How Smart Machines Are Used in the Baltics? Find it out at the First RIGA COMM 2017 Artificial Intelligence Conference


On November 9, “RIGA COMM 2017” will first offer the AI ML Bots Conference to address the practical use of smart machines following the examples of projects already implemented in Latvia.

The world has entered a new era of smart machines! Artificial intelligence is used in practically all areas of activity. “There is no doubt that every organisation will use smart machines and algorithms in the coming years to provide new, more efficient services and make better decisions. At the conference, we want to give a structured and compact insight into practical application based on examples that have already been implemented in Latvia,” tells Aldis Ērglis, a computer technology expert and Business Process Development Manager at ELKO Group.

ELKO Group, ABC Software, Accenture, 4SmartStreets, KPMG and other enterprises will tell how artificial intelligence, machine learning and chatbots facilitate company’s routine processes.

Agnis Jakubovičs, Chairman of the Board at APPLY, will tell about the achievements in the field of artificial intelligence in Latvia and how to use innovative technology to enhance understanding of customer behaviour and improve business results.

Vitaly Zabiniako, Head of Product Research & Development Department at ABC Software, will tell about the role of machine teaching method in improving data security, possible threats to unpublished digitized data, does recording each user’s activity guarantee business security and whether hacking is the only threat involving unauthorised data use. Mr Zabiniako will present “eStepControl” that offers a solution to these problems.

Working language of the conference – English.

Conference Programme: https://rigacomm.com/en/programma/

“RIGA COMM 2017”, November 9–10, will also offer the Internet of Things (IoT) Conference, Executive Forum, Blockchain Conference, Horizon 2020 Contact Point, Smart HR Conference, extensive programme of seminars on digital sales, online marketing tools and other topics.

Service and manufacturing companies, managers at different levels of public institutions and organisations, professionals from different fields at “RIGA COMM 2017” will get acquainted with the offer of about 80 top-notch Baltic and foreign digital service providers and product developers, consult with knowledgeable specialists and choose the most appropriate solutions for their business or organization. “RIGA COMM” is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Conference partners –Meetup Riga AI, Machine Learning and Bots.


Purchasing the “RIGA COMM” ticket, which provides an opportunity to attend events on both exhibition days, ticket holders may attend the AI ​​ML Bots Conference and other “RIGA COMM” events, with the exception of Horizon 2020 Contact Point (pre-registration requested).

Ticket price – EUR 15. Tickets are available online at www.rigacomm.com or BezRindas.lv.

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