Pilw.io @ RIGA COMM

Your Local Cloud Provider, PILW.IO!


Visit PILW.IO stand at C21 to get a chance to win a special prize, PILW.IO credits to start using your object storage or run containers for free and most importantly, to meet your new business partner and cloud infrastructure!

The cloud infrastructure company from Estonia PILW.IO, takes the attention of developers with its extensive API and fast connectivity while being on the spotlight for IT decision makers with its cost- effective, flat pricing policy and being local to the region.

Best Place to Store Your Data with Instant Compute Resource

With PILW.IO Storage Vault, you can get rid of the surprise charges of the global object storage providers. Object storage is the best method to store TBs of massive data where you can manage, analyse them easily with customisable meta tags and reach from anywhere with an internet connection.

When you need an instant and efficient compute resource to work with your data, PILW.IO Virtual Machines are ready to run with its extensive API. You can clone your VMs and all of its content with one simple drag and drop feature, while you can also create automated backups.

Native containers support enables to run your existing application containers in PILW.IO platform. Developers can deploy their code in PILW.IO native container platform with an ease, using either PILW.IO container orchestration tool or tools that your teams are used to. This way true DevOps environments can be built. With PILW.IO containers, you as a developer or your developers team can focus on their actual task, which is coding!

You can learn more about PILW.IO from here and follow them on social media!