YES for interactivity!


Aspired Ltd. is engaged in the development of interactive exhibits for science centers, museums, exhibition halls, advertising agencies, companies and organizations. The company also offers special demonstration stands that reflect and show the nature of a particular product or service. Aspired also develops animated infographics, focusing on telling stories about products or services or news related to them in a catchy way.

During the Riga Comm 2017 exhibition the company will present to its interactive exhibits and solutions. Visitors will have the opportunity to see some of the completed multimedia interactive exhibit projects and to ride with a specially designed Mars Rover. They will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with the specifics of development of interactive exhibits, production nuances and offered technological solutions.

With the arrival of new technologies in our lives, people want to capture and explore information with the help of more modern formats. In typical museums, events and exhibitions, visitors are looking for variable exhibits and exhibits that can be “hands-on” or “experienced”. This format, of course, has also become popular in the field of marketing of companies and organizations – companies that have already integrated interactive solutions into their campaigns know that today’s human attention is attracted by something new, unseen and moving, that is most commonly multimedia objects able to interact with the user.

Visit us during the exhibition! Let’s talk about interactivity!

Gvido Grinbergs

Chairman of the Board

Aspired Ltd.

Legal address: Ventspils High Technology Park 1, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvia

Office address: Ventspils High Technology Park 1a, Ventspils, LV-3602, Latvia

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WEB: www.aspired.lv