TRIT introduces a new tool for multilingual content management and translation


At the exhibition “RIGA COMM 2019” Estonian-based startup TRIT will be introducing a new tool for multilingual content management and translation. TRIT’s tool allows you to translate websites and keep their different language versions up to date without any investments in IT or manual labour, no matter the software the page uses. RIGA COMM visitors can sign up for the closed beta and be the first ones to say goodbye to costly and time-consuming web translations.

TRIT’s platform makes reaching and choosing translators hassle-free by connecting you directly to the most suitable translator for your project. With TRIT, you can either choose your translators manually from a pool of pre-vetted professionals or let TRIT automatically find the best match. TRIT also provides instant estimates on pricing and delivery time, takes care of the paperwork, and offers payment security to make your journey to international success as seamless as possible. TRIT complies with the ISO 17100:2015 standard for translation services.

All RIGA COMM visitors are eligible for a 10% discount on their first translation! Stop by TRIT’s booth to find out how translation can help you reach your full potential!

TRIT is an Estonian-based startup developing technology to make quality human translation more accessible, transparent and comparable. TRIT can be reached through the following channels: