TomWare is a company involved in the planning, realization and maintenance of network infrastructures and IT systems, supporting the customer in the selection of the more functional technological solutions that better integrate the existing infrastructure.

The company is focused on companies from medium to large size, provides a wide range of professional services, developing customized IT solutions.

Among the others:

  • Cyber Security;
  • Data Analisys;
  • System Integration;
  • Monitoring & Alerting;
  • Telemetry & Geopositioning;
  • Storage & Disaster Recovery.

Tomware has recently designed and developed an advanced application of telemetry and geopositioning, exploiting the Machine-to-Machine communication technology.

Established in 2006 Tomware deals with System Integration, also Cross Country, design, construction and maintenance of network infrastructures and ICT systems. Company choose the most functional technological solutions taking care of the IT infrastructures of its Enterprise’s customers. Customizing and integrating them.

Tomware offers their international experience in quickly and flexibly solving problems related to IT systems of companies belonging to different market sectors, among others: Banking, Public Administration, Retail, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical.

Tomware headquarter is in Ravenna, Italy, and it is active in the whole Italian landscape. Other headquarters are in Bergamo, Milan and Rome. We also have branches abroad – Latvia, Croatia and Russia.
The company type is the consortium, to which refer different specialized companies: Twx markets hardware and sofware, Sta provides infrastructural maintenance services, Neta takes care of software developement and internet services, Innetec deals with printing solutions, Complanet deals with Machine-to-Machine Communication and other smaller size partners.

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