“Timesaving” will present an effective solution for warehouse management – InStock WMS


At business technology fair Riga COMM 2019, the identification and IT company Timesaving Ltd. will present two powerful products – queue management system InOut and warehouse management system InStock WMS. The first of these has already gained widespread popularity in Latvia, while the WMS or Warehouse Management System developed by InStock Technologies is the most significant news of this year.

InStock WMS is a multifunctional and flexible warehouse management system designed to automate warehouse processes in mid to large size distribution centers. Its main difference from similar products is its virtually unlimited customization to any type of warehouse and processes involved in the identification, storage and handling of goods. The Timesaving booth will feature WMS developers – InStock Technologies – who will present the system in an engaging way to everyone interested.

The InOut queue management system has been widely used for several years by state and municipal institutions as well as by private entrepreneurs all over Latvia. It is used to regulate the flow of visitors, whether in daily work mode or seasonally or once at an event. The advantage of InOut is that the installation and operation of the system is so simple that it can be done without the need for significant Timesaving technical staff, thus saving costs. Timesaving Ltd. – a dynamic company that brings together industry experts to provide high-end, customized IT and identification technology solutions for any business – trade, manufacturing, logistics, medical, etc. Latvian capital company, which has been operating in the Latvian market for 10 years.

Up-to-date information on the activities and news of Timesaving can be found on the website www.timesaving.lv, as well as Facebook.