Time and fuel-efficient solution from John Deere for farmers!


How to reduce costs and increase rural productivity? Is it possible to save fuel and time even more? How to reduce the amount of chemicals to buy and avoid unnecessary repeated treatment of area? It turns out that using fuel wisely it is possible to save more than you think. Moreover, it is possible to reduce the amount of agricultural chemicals used and increase crop yield. John Deere, one of the world’s leading agricultural industry flagships, has developed a smart agricultural management system (AMS) with IoT.

Farmers and other stakeholders are invited to get acquainted with this unique agricultural system at the Internet of Things Conference on 21 October and meet the conference speaker Aivis Zālītis, an automated system expert at DOJUS Latvia (John Deere).

The AMS system includes automated steering and field section control, harvest mapping and variable dosing of chemicals. Using the latest AMS system, a farmer can essentially reduce costs and increase productivity, as every technical operation and data are analyzed. This helps to more accurately schedule field processing for next year and get a higher crop yield. Moreover, the AMS system also monitors spraying, threshing, plowing and other operations, to avoid repeated coverage. If previously it took 80 trips, now only about 70! This means you can instantly save time, fuel and reduce chemicals used.

All equipment units are interconnected online and can be monitored through a single John Deere system where you can detect unit’s location, speed, fuel consumption etc. A farmer should no longer be on the field to track down operator’s course. Moreover, after harvesting you can get a harvest map showing how many tons of crop have been harvested from each sector of a field. This information can be very useful in sowing and spraying process next year to significantly increase crop yield.

The Internet of Things Conference takes place simultaneously with the RIGA COMM 2016 fair that will present a variety of solutions for agriculture, for example, special drones from the Ukrainian-Latvian joint venture UAV Tools that, owing to infrared and multispectral cameras, provide faster, better and more accurate control of field risks and crop yield at relatively lower costs.
More in the conference: the representatives of Samsung, Deloitte, Siemens, ABB and Kaspersky will tell about the IoT application in various industries: urban planning, medicine, construction, finance, logistics etc. The main partner of the conference – the new technology expert Knowledgeprice.com. The IoT Conference attendance is free of charge purchasing the RIGA COMM 2016 entry ticket. About the conference: https://rigacomm.com/lv/vai-latvija-ir-gatava-lietu-internetam-2/
The Internet of Things Conference takes place during RIGA COMM 2016 at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre. RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event for professionals in variety of industries, governmental authorities and IT professionals. It is a great opportunity to get to know the most outstanding digital offering from the Baltic and other countries, to get expert advice and choose the most appropriate solution for business or organization. New this year – Gadget Area and the first in the Baltics Internet of Things Conference. The RIGA COMM partner – the IT company Lursoft. More about RIGA COMM: www.rigacomm.com