RIGA COMM Executive Forum

This year “Executive Forum” will take place at “RIGA COMM 2017”


This year for the first time ever “Executive Forum 2017”, the content of which is created by IT executives, will take place at the business technology and innovation fair “RIGA COMM 2017” in Ķīpsala on 9 November.

 “Executive Forum” is a platform where entrepreneurs, IT and other sector executives may discuss the increasing role of information technologies (IT) in the management processes of any organisation. The forum is special due to the fact that its content is formed by IT executives who have already discussed the main issues of the field beforehand.

The main topics this year will be: social engineering, cyber threats, cyber security operations centre as a concept, artificial intelligence and artificial vision technologies, GDPR prior experience, future of banking, blockchain – future technology, as well as alternative energy. The forum will also include an exciting user discussion “What about the cloud? To Cloud or not to Cloud?”

“Considering that the content of the forum is created by IT executives, we guarantee that a visit to the forum will be truly valuable and useful. The topics of the forum will serve as a great addition to the content of “RIGA COMM”, gathering even more of those interested,” Dmitrijs Šarafutdinovs, one of the creators of “RIGA COMM” and Executive Director of “Proact IT Latvia”, reveals.

On 9 and 10 November, Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre will host the business technology and innovation fair “RIGA COMM 2017”, which is an annual IT and business event for entrepreneurs of services and production fields, managers of state institutions and organisations, as well as professionals of various fields. “RIGA COMM” will offer the possibility to get to know the latest offer of digital services providers and product developers of the Baltic States and other countries, consult with competent specialists and select the most suitable solutions for your business or organisation. Alongside the exhibition – the Internet of Things conference, “Executive Forum”, “AI ML Bots” conference, “Blockchain” conference, “Horizon 2020” brokerage event and an extensive programme of seminars on digital sales and marketing tools on the internet.

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