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The “RIGA COMM” – diverse events with a view into the future


On 9 and 10 of November, the Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre will host, for the sixth time, the only business technology and innovation fair in the Baltics – “RIGA COMM 2017”. Alongside business and IT solutions, technology news and innovative smart devices, “RIGA COMM” will offer various events that provide practical knowledge and inspiration for successful work.

Owing to the unique and diverse concept of “RIGA COMM”, it is estimated that the fair will be visited by more than 3,300 people from all over the Baltics, and more than 80 Latvian and foreign enterprises will take part in it.

A visit to the fair is suitable not only for those companies that are directly involved in the IT industry, but also those that are not related to the digital sector. The content of “RIGA COMM” covers everything from digital business and marketing solutions and services to innovative technologies and products.

Technological novelties and innovations at the fair

Participation in “RIGA COMM” has already been confirmed by 70 enterprises from Latvia, Estonia, Canada, Poland, Finland and Sweden. For the first time ever, there will be joint stands of Belgium, Ireland and Poland, as well as a joint stand from Taiwan for the second time. IT enterprises will present innovative digital business solutions and services, innovative technologies and products, including digital marketing solutions, Cloud Computing services, IoT and telematics solutions, e-saving services, business consultations etc. Visitors will also be able to receive consultations and choose the most suitable solutions for their business or organisation.

Those who are interested in technological novelties and consumer electronics products – hybrid computers, compact printers, routers and other devices – yet to be seen in Latvian stores, will want to visit the “ALSO University” exhibition, which will provide information on such products. Technology buffs will once again have a special Innovation area, where everyone will have the opportunity to not only look at, but also try out practical smart devices, gadgets for entertainment and technological prototypes, as well as the possibility to talk to the developers.

The fair will have four stages, on which various conferences, seminars and lectures will take place during both days of the fair. “After hearing out the wishes of the visitors, “RIGA COMM 2017” will offer more events than ever before! For the second time, the programme will include the only Internet of Things conference in the Baltics, as well as the beloved digital sales and marketing lectures and “ALSO University” seminars. For the first time ever, the fair will also include the “Executive Forum”, an “AI ML Bots” conference and a “Blockchain” conference. And that is not all,” Andris Breške, the head of the “RIGA COMM” project, reveals.

The “AI ML BOTS” conference

The era of smart machines has arrived! Artificial intelligence is already practically being used in almost every sector. There is no doubt that all organisations will be using smart machines and algorithms in the coming years, in order to provide new and improved solutions, as well as to make better decisions. You will be able to make sure of this on 9 November at the “AI ML Bots” conference, where there will be a chance to view the possibilities for practical application of smart machines that are based on examples realised in Latvia.

“Executive Forum”

On 9 November, the first day of the fair, IT and other sector executives are invited to meet and have discussions at the “Executive Forum”.  The forum is special due to its content, which has been created by the IT executives themselves. Topics of the present year: social engineering, cyber threats, a cyber security operations centre as a concept, artificial intelligence and artificial vision technologies, GDPR prior experience, the future of banking, future blockchain technology, as well as alternative energy. The forum will also include an exciting user discussion “What about the cloud? To Cloud or not to Cloud?”

  The “Blockchain” conference

The “Blockchain” conference will take place on 10 November on the “Future Stage” in cooperation with the Latvian Blockchain Association. Blockchain technology and its modern application software ensure a transparent, effective, safe and decentralized data flow in the processes of various sectors. The innovative technology requires a new way of thinking and offers new possibilities.

The Internet of Things conference

Having attracted notable interest last year and having received a lot of praise, the Internet of Things conference will take place for the second time on 10 November.  Just as in the previous year, the executives of the world’s leading enterprises – IoT developers will share their experience and talk about solutions and applications of the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things in business processes, as well as state and urban environment administration.

The ins and outs of digital sales and business-related discussions of practitioners

At the request of visitors, the Digital Marketing Stage and Open Stage will be active both days of the fair. The former will host lectures by experts and coaches on digital sales and marketing tools and the practical use thereof on a daily basis, wheres the Open Stage will offer useful and interesting expert presentations and discussions of practitioners on technologies and business development. The content will be suitable for entrepreneurs and specialists of various sectors, as well as IT professionals.

The “Horizon 2020” brokerage event

The “Horizon 2020” brokerage event will take place in Ķīpsala on 9 November, and all enterprises and start-ups, universities and research centres are invited to attend pre-booked meetings with the aim of establishing business contacts and discussing cooperation possibilities for “Horizon 2020” projects and other EU support programmes.

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It is possible to purchase a two-day ticket to “Riga Comm” with the possibility to visit all of the events taking place at the fair without additional fee, except for the “Horizon 2020” brokerage event (prior registration required).

 Ticket price as of 1 October – 20 euros. Tickets may be purchased on the website of the fair or on the ticket platform

 “RIGA COMM” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

Cooperation partners: The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, “Digital Journey”, “Proact IT Latvia”, the Latvian Blockchain Association and Riga AI ML Bots Meeting.

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