The future begins today. Marketplace is a global market bestseller that also operates in Latvia


Marketplace is the most modern way to sell products in large volumes today, while increasing your company’s sales. It should be noted that the Marketplace concept is not new – the first Marketplaces, where multiple sellers gathered in one place, were “markets”, later in physical trade – shopping malls, and today on the internet – online platforms. Why? Online offers a very high volume of buyers, so it is also a rewarding place for new traders to expand their business. And it’s modern – fast, convenient and cost-effective.

How has the Marketplace grown in Latvia? shopping centre has created the cornerstone of e-commerce in Latvia – Marketplace, which, either during the pandemic or now, when entrepreneurs continue to switch from physical to online trading, opens up more opportunities for business growth not only in Latvia, but throughout the Baltics and eventually also in Finland. Currently more than 1800 sellers are actively trading on Marketplace Latvia. In the Baltic region there are already 4000 sellers. We see that entrepreneurs continue to choose Marketplace as a primary or additional sales channel.

Data shows that in the 2.5 years that Marketplace has been in operation, 30% of sales on have come from sellers, and according to our forecasts, these figures will only grow up in the nearest future

Customers benefits from the Marketplace – wide assortment and great deals

Marketplace has grown rapidly worldwide – 67% of online purchases made on Marketplace in 2021, according to e-commerce research firm Digital Commerce 360. Of course, the global giants dominate, but in the Baltics we – Marketplace – provide that share. Our goal is to be the best partner for local entrepreneurs in commerce by ensuring the availability of the right tools for online business, namely advertising solutions, financial services, logistics solutions such as Fulfilment by Pigu and others.

Undeniably, international Marketplace concepts also help to expand exports. Entrepreneurs trying to enter the Estonian or Lithuanian markets count on investment, time and expertise. In the Marketplace format, however, this can be done within a week, while at the same time trading large volumes of goods, and I think it is the international scope that makes the Marketplace attractive to many entrepreneurs.

Success in e-commerce – returning customers

Today it is easy to start an online business, but harder to be the number one choice for buyers, as the e-commerce segment is quite competitive. So, the winners are e-shops that attract customers and gain their loyalty. is one of the best known and most popular online stores in Latvia, which means that we always have an intense flow of customers, and a large part of them are loyal customers. In other words, we guarantee a constant flow of potential buyers for our Marketplace sellers. has loyal customers data on consumer shopping habits in 2021 shows that 50% of consumers buy something on at least once a month (at least twice a year), about 19% of customers buy something on within three months, and 14% of customers buy something on two or more times a month. On average, 8% of customers shop at every other month.

Marketplace gave e-commerce a new lease of life at the right time, as for many businesses during the pandemic the platform provided answers on how to work, how to be accessible to their customers. Making sure it works, Marketplace is here to stay in the industry, but the industry itself moves forward as well – in the spheres of new solutions in operations, customer service or supply chains.