The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning conference will be held for the third time


For the third year in a row, the Business Technology Exhibition “RIGA COMM” will host a conference on artificial intelligence and machine learning. If in recent years it has focused on technology capabilities and domestic advancements in the field, revealing the factual opportunities and limitations of technology, then this year’s Human + Intelligent Machine conference on 10 October will show the opportunities that processing technologies provide for each of us working or studying in the new digital age.

The way we work is changing, decisions need to be made faster and individual responsibilities are expanding. The amount of available information is growing so rapidly that a person is no longer able to process it. The constant changes force people to invest more and more time in independent learning. According to experts, in the future we will need to study at least 4 hours a week to maintain our qualification.

The main question for this year’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning conference: How can smart machines and algorithms help us, or how will they help us in the near future, with work or learning?

There are many examples where smart machines can process a huge amount of information and give us the most accurate search results, for example, the Google search engine or Spotify is trying to understand our music preferences and interests and offer the most appropriate options. Recently, Microsoft published an article sharing how they can determine how much time a Microsoft Customer Partner has to spend on a client to ensure successful collaboration, which is calculated using communications information. We already know these examples, but now it is time to understand what is possible and what we can expect at a personal or organisational level: how can or will smart machines help us work more effectively, properly distribute attention between jobs that only a person can do and jobs that a machine can do better?

Moderator of the Human + Intelligent Machine Conference , and Head of the Emergn Machine Learning Laboratory, Aldis Ērglis, points out: “It looks like we are currently in the smart machine developmental phase, where machines can already help us, but we are not ready for it; sometimes technologically, but mainly psychologically and emotionally. Simply put, people are the ones who are taking jobs away from machines, even though we were warned of the opposite.”

To make individuals and organisations better prepared for the successful use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Human + Intelligent Machine conference will inform visitors about how people in a variety of fields can make the workplace better by adding more meaning and intelligence to everything we do, because currently there are jobs that only a person can do, but the machine can help.

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