Atlas Dynamics @ RIGA COMM Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference

The aerospace company will present the Atlas Pro drone and will be looking for new employees and partners


As an aerospace company, Atlas is utilizing its expertise to simplify complex aeronautical technologies and design in order to provide fully autonomous drone-based solutions for professional use. Our productsbring the efficiency of aerospace technology and design to the drone market that is baed on “flying selfie cameras”. These solution are not efficient, resulting in poor quality of flight and low abilities. Our proprietary design achieves highly advanced and fully autonomous flight solutions that has no competition in the current market.


All of our products are develop entirely in-house and according to our specs. As a company we have high capabilities in every aspect four development and design: hardware, software, industrial design, composite materials, testing, standardization, integration and more. Building our drone platforms from the ground up, we continue to work to the goal that drones should become accessible everyday tools that optimize time and money while saving lives.


The Atlas Pro:

The Atlas Pro drone comprises proprietary and patented technologies, including an aeronautical tri-copter design, a lithium-silicon smart battery, and full carbon fiber construction. Highly durable and lightweight, it can perform in extreme weather to IP-52 standards and is capable of 55 minutes of flight time, speeds of up to 140km/h, and a range of 50km. We can reach these capabilities due to our unique full carbon tri-copter design that creates internet lift while losing drag and weight and reducing power consumption.


At the exhibition we will be looking for new employees and partners.