We are digitouch!

We encourage thinking out of the box and prefer inspiring solutions.

We inspire unique voice of communication by creating ORIGINAL IDEAS.

We promote business growth by providing WEB SOLUTIONS.

We accelerate work process by building IT and ERP SYSTEMS.

If these are the things you’re looking for, then come and meet us in the exhibition „RIGA COMM 2018“!

Check it out > our portfolio: http://digiart.lt/portfolio/about-us/

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In our efforts to be noticed in the constantly changing online environment, it’s not enough to create a website that presents your service or product. Now that the internet has become an irreplaceable part of everyday public life, we offer an online image that meets the highest standards.


Reaching potential clients can be very easy when you’ve chosen the right advertising tools and forms and created a clear strategy and goals. By providing a wide range of online advertising services, we help businesses generate income as well as added value.


The rapidly growing mobile environment influences business development in various fields and encourages migration onto mobile devices. Up until recently, mobile apps fulfilled simple programmed functions, but they are now one of the most popular and effective tools for improving business productivity.


The opportunity to shop from home without stepping out your door opened unlimited opportunities for online commerce. When we develop online stores that meet your users’ needs as closely as possible, we ensure that their path to purchasing your product is quick and easy and that it encourages them to return again.


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