Work habits have been changing even before the pandemic, but many future work trends have become commonplace over the past year. As remote work becomes a reality, there is a need for new solutions that improve communication, process management and virtual meetings, as well as pay more attention to internal company communication, team building and atmosphere.

Get acquainted with the latest technologies that change the way we work at the business technology exhibition and conference RIGA COMM 2021 to be held October 14-15, Riga, Latvia. In this article, we have summarized the existing technologies that can improve your and your team’s performance.

Tools to achieve employees’ well-being and work-life balance

The Bottle team management solutions software helps colleagues collaborate and manage tasks, as well as manage various motivational elements. The solution developers identified three key factors to make any team great and created a product that takes care of those factors. It is a tool to manage and improve teamwork and team culture.

Neuroscience has demonstrated that learning new information with the elements of gaming and social networking is more effective than routine training methods and meetings with colleagues. The Efectio platform for employee involvement created in Latvia promotes the well-being of employees, the development of skills and the consolidation of teams, as well as bringing the values of the company to life in every team.

Mursion is a virtual reality solution for simulating emotional intelligence and other social skills relevant to the workplace. The goal of this solution is to make managers and employees more empathetic. How does it work? Mursion, by combining artificial intelligence and the interaction of living people, provides impressive virtual reality training. Using trained professionals who organize the interaction between learners and artificial images, Mursion simulations achieve realism and significant team improvements.

In order to prevent employee and team burnout, Timeoff helps to find time in the daily work plan for subordinates to recover, learn, reflect on what they have done, plan, and be creative and innovate. For any position, rest is as important as work, so the Timeoff developers believe that rest should be treated in the same way as work. To prevent burnout, the accumulation of holidays and days off, the company is developing a software tool to help companies implement measures such as compulsory leave, artificial holidays and even mental health days to strengthen the well-being of the organization.

More convenient remote communication

Yac is the solution for better communication and fewer meetings. It allows you to exchange voice messages and share the screen asynchronously. Instead of scheduling a video appointment or endlessly exchanging messages on Slack or another platform, shorten this conversation to a few voice messages or asynchronous screen sharing. Yac can be used for two-person or group communication.

The Loom video communication tool records and shares video messages from the screen, camera, or both, allowing you to transfer information faster and asynchronously compared to composing emails or organizing an online meeting.

Kona helps managers to follow the emotional mood of the team remotely and manage the team empathically. This tool keeps track of the team’s daily mood, determines the working styles of team members, and creates “health” reviews for the team.

People cannot handle loads of meetings, emails, chats, portals, and other apps. Soundbite is a platform for better remote communication that allows you to easily perceive, efficiently organize, intelligently analyse, and securely share verbal communication.

Productivity and automation

Holopod provides for accomplishing the most important jobs without the fear of missing out something important (FOMO – the fear of missing out; the fear of missing something), keeping the work-rest balance in your life, building boundaries for communication with your team to avoid burnout working remotely. This solution automatically updates the Slack status, blocks notifications, and keeps you synchronized with the team, allowing you to plan a productive workday. The tool allows you to plan times of continuous concentration, time for collaboration, and for yourself.

Clickup believes that productivity is generally compromised – there are too many tools to track all the information and they are often each in their own system. Therefore, ClickUp was created, which aims to ensure that all work information is in one place, allowing people to be more productive and free up at least 20% of their time that could be devoted to other things.

With Paperless you need just seconds to transform existing files into interactive, professional-looking documents without programming. It is a tool that helps you create, customize, and send documents that you can fill in and sign immediately, which will save you time by reducing errors and automating the workflow of documents. All documents are cryptographically signed, locked and protected from modifications.

Miro is anonline collaborative whiteboard platform to bring teams together anytime and anywhere, and make innovation process faster. This digital solution makes it possible to improve the ideation and brainstorming process by using Miro’s infinitely zoomable canvas with a variety of integrated tools and pre-made templates. Miro offers all the tools for creating a user’s story or customer journey map, web page frames, sprint planning, retrospectives and other working techniques. This makes it possible to involve remote teams in the processes of idea generation, working and decision-making, allowing them to work asynchronously or synchronously as easily as if they were in the same room.

Learn about the latest Smart HR technology, tools and techniques at the annual business and IT industry event RIGA COMM, October 14–15, where developers and suppliers of enterprise resource management, document management, HRM and security systems, suppliers of cloud services, internet and digital marketing services, web solutions and mobile application developers, and ICT product manufacturers offer ready-to-use and tailored solutions for companies in different industries and of different sizes, municipal authorities and organisations to facilitate efficient operation. An extensive conference programme will complement the technology exhibition.

RIGA COMM is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, SmartHR Latvija, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mailigen, Finance Latvia Association and other partners.

ENME software is designed to empower every manager to discover the full potential of their employees in terms of engagement, productivity and retention. ENME gathers real time engagement data via pulse surveys, presents the results online, and offers tips for improving engagement.

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On 11 and 12 October, Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre will host the annual Business Technology Fair and Conference “RIGA COMM 2018” for the seventh time. The event offers an extensive programme of practical conferences and seminars, as well as a fair that provides information on modern IT and business technology solutions to companies and organisations.


“Demand creates supply – “RIGA COMM 2018” keeps on developing and will take place in two halls this year! Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business process optimisation, cyber security, blockchains, human resource management and digital marketing – these are just some of the topics that already attracted a lot of interest last year. This year, we have added two other useful conferences to the programme – on financial technologies and productivity,” Andris Breške, Project Manager of “RIGA COMM”, elaborates.


Participants from various countries

The fair in Riga will be attended by developers and providers of digital solutions, tools and services, as well as representatives thereof, from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ireland, Canada and China, as they will be presenting the latest technologies, products and services.


Enterprises will present innovative digital business solutions and services, innovative technologies and products, including digital marketing solutions, cloud computing services, IoT and telematics solutions, e-saving services, business consultations etc. Visitors of “RIGA COMM” will be able to consult with experts and choose the most suitable solutions for their business or organisation.


Whereas those who are interested in technological innovations and consumer electronics that are yet to appear in Latvian stores will be welcome at the “ALSO University” display, where visitors will not only be able to view but also try out the latest hybrid computers, TVs, compact printers and other equipment.


Conferences for business and personal growth

Mark 11 and 12 October in your calendars right now, as “RIGA COMM 2018” will be offering more than 12 valuable and interesting conferences on these dates for you to get new ideas and knowledge. The conferences will take place in English and Latvian on seven different stages alongside the exhibition of the fair. In order to attend most of the conferences, it is enough to purchase a ticket to “RIGA COMM 2018”, which may already be done at and on the fair’s website However, if you wish to attend separate conferences, prior registration is required. Here is some information on the main events!


11 October:

Executive Forum. For the second time already, Ķīpsala will gather entrepreneurs, as well as executives of the IT industry and other sectors to discuss the increasing role of information technologies (IT) in the management processes of any organisation. The forum is organised in cooperation with “Proact IT Latvia”. More information:


Machine Learning Practical Application Conference. Machine learning algorithms and the application thereof in business. Smart machines are already in use, and in order to provide new and effective services and make better decisions so that they will be used even more often in the near future alongside new algorithms. More information:


Fintech Conference. Those who are interested will be able to acquire information on progressive financial technologies and tools for companies and organisations. Faster and better financial services! More information:


Smart HR Conference. The need for smart technological HR management solutions is becoming more and more substantial, especially for large enterprises. The conference will look at topics such as smart HR technologies in labour management, planning, integration, training, internal communication, surveying, bonus management, recruitment, analysis etc. More information:


12 October:

Productivity Conference. How companies should prepare for the digitalisation of business processes, how to assess which business processes and functions should be automated, how to choose the most suitable automation solutions and tools for efficient and transparent process management – find detailed information at the first Productivity Conference. More information:


3rd Internet of Things Conference.  Annual conference on solutions of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the use thereof in business, as well as in public administration and urban environment management. How IoT technologies help to improve efficiency, user experience, resource management, customer service, machine maintenance and reduce operational costs. More information:


Blockchain Conference.  How blockchain technology and the use thereof will develop over the coming years, and what the potential thereof is today. Experience will be shared by leading Latvian and international experts. More information:


Digital Marketing Stage. During both days of the fair, experts and digital trainers will provide information on digital sales and marketing tools and the practical use thereof, as well as share their success stories. This year’s content will be even more useful, as it is being prepared in cooperation with marketing managers of companies, bearing in mind modern day marketing needs and trends. More information:


“RIGA COMM 2018” will also host the Latvian “Horizon 2020” brokerage event and seminars, “ALSO University” seminars etc. More information:

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“RIGA COMM” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Cooperation partners: Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, “Proact IT Latvia”, “ALSO Latvia”, “Cognizant”, Latvian Blockchain Association, “”, “ExportScene”, “Mailigen”, “Smart HR Latvija”, “Gedvillo Consulting”.



Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre


Opening hours:
11 October 10:00–18:00
12 October 10:00–18:00



Ticket price – 20 EUR. Ticket prices will increase during the event. Tickets may be purchased on the website of the fair or on the ticket platform