Smart Home category comes with its own surprise as it reveals a picture where a large number of service providers have entered the market with the ambition to help build or make your house or other property smarter and manageable from anywhere in the world.


But they in the public communication is almost invisible like they would work only with special communities. Or in the Baltic market smart house solutions with its affordability, price and everyday use value isn’t so ready for large masses. Out of this can make an assumption, that automatic systems choose and search only its category of people who see value and can afford it. And they find themselves some desired automation solutions and its providers, choosing from Echoo, IB Planning, Nutihouse (Võrguvara), Tet (Lattelecom), Hoiame Kokku Grupp, Elsis, (Elstar), Elektrum (Latvenergo),, Sys2eco (Prekursorius), Memostay, Sunamus, Gudrā māja GMF, (Penki kontinentai), Eldevio, Secom Elekter and others which are not included in our overview. But you can be active and suggest us other smart home solutions providers.


Certainly, we need to highlight also Baltic technology developers in hardware and software. Here we have countable creators who love to design products, develop intelligent software and manufacture them for the market. Collected and positioned in front of you are AirPartol, Thermo, Istabai, Amplifi, Ernest, Embedded Systems, Soma Smart Home, Vorty, Green Dog and Sensotech, as well as software developers Crabsec, and Smart Load Solutions.


Let’s build our homes and properties smarter and controlled as much as its needed for our comfort, security and life quality!


If you know a company that is missing from this list, inform us by writing to the email address


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