“Alpha Visum” will present an algorithm that can convert time series data of any length into one single index that will contain main behavioral features of original data. Time series data are data that are created with some regularity, for example, fixed amount at Your balance at the end of the day. During exhibition Alpha Visum will introduce with practical examples of how the created indexes can be used as a single parameter to help easily search, group, filter, find anomalies or forecast time series based on data behavior within large datasets as well as use them as an additional parameter for AI, machine learning and financial scoring models.

Visitors will be able to view demonstration tests, as well as obtain additional detailed information about the technology that is built as cloud computing services using newest API technologies and is easy to access and integrate without interfering existing infrastructures. Practical examples will allow to see scalability of the technology and its ability to process data at high speed in real time and without any limitations.

Alpha Visum created solution is adoptable to different sectors but especially beneficial for financial sector data analysis. Meanwhile, there is currently no equivalent solution on the market that allows to group, filter, or use visual behavior as a separate parameter for data modeling.

Alpha Visum is Latvian company that was established in 2017 by uniting people with financial technologies and artificial intelligence experience.

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Machine learning has become a popular trend in modern business and management systems capable of solving tasks too complex for the human mind, but not for the machine learning algorithm. To learn more about solutions designed for optimising processes and utilising predictive algorithms that aid efficient and affordable decision making, visit the 8th Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference RIGA COMM 2019, which will take place on 10 and 11 October in Ķīpsala.

When introducing machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, it is important that company managers recognise their scope of application and their potential as one of the alternatives in strategy implementation,” says the Emergn Machine Learning Lab Lead Aldis Ērglis. He also remarks that many of the solutions developed in the Baltics are unknown to the public as they are related to improving company processes.

Tilde Machine Translation Solution for Improving Competitiveness of the Latvian Forestry Industry

The companies of the Latvian forestry industry export ~75% of what they produce, and this number has been increasing in the past few years. Because of multilingual communication and documentation, the Tilde language technology company has developed a specialised forestry industry machine translator for translating various industry texts from Latvian into English and vice versa in a more efficient and quality manner. The machine translator is unable to fully replace human work; however, in the case of complex and lengthy texts, it can create a high quality draft, thus facilitating the translator’s work. The specialised Tilde solution creates texts with 10% higher quality than those created by non-specialised translation tools. The translation tool is available for free to anyone on the Tilde website.

Estonian Artificial Intelligence Helps People Learn Faster

The Estonian-made solution Lingvist aims to make the learning process 10 times faster. Currently, it focuses on expanding foreign language vocabulary. Artificial intelligence replicates the way the human memory stores and forgets information in the learning process. The knowledge mapping technology measures the student’s knowledge before beginning the learning process. The machine learning algorithms identify which words the student should practice more and when it is time to introduce new words. The solution adapts to every individual’s experience.

Tet Uses Data-Based Solutions to Improve Services

Data-based services is one of Tet’s principal development directions, with the company using algorithms both for improving existing services and creating new, innovative offers. Besides the well-known machine learning solution Anete – the virtual assistant, or chatbot – the company now offers the artificial intelligence solution CLAARA. It is an online TV advertising and audience analytics tool that records and summarises TV channel advertising data and audience statistics in real time, as they are broadcast. The tool compiles data using video vision. Whereas, to offer content recommendations to viewers of Shortcut Films and Shortcut Premiere, Tet uses its own prediction tool.

RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 for entrepreneurs of the manufacturing and service sectors, all management levels of government institutions and organisations, as well as professionals. It is a chance to learn about the latest offers from digital service providers and product manufacturers from the Baltics and other countries, consult with knowledgeable specialists and choose the most suitable solutions for your organisation together. Ticket price is EUR 20, which will increase as the event approaches.

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RIGA COMM 2019 Human + Intelligent Machine Conference