Although RIGA COMM 2020 is over, we are convinced that digital transformation goes on in companies, so we have compiled the special offers of our exhibitors.


ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY is best described by company’s high professionalism and its five cornerstones:
1. High quality comprehensive recruitment

2. Development and delivery of appropriate training programs for the needs and requirements of each client

3. ICC Coaching training and individual sessions – the best tool for self-development and motivation

4. Unique team building events organisation based on clients’ needs and preferences

5. Organisational research – helps objectively identify strengths and areas for improvements in the company

Now company has a special offer for those who are willing to improve any aspect of their lives, i.e. career, personal life, relationships, motivation and satisfaction – 5 coaching sessions with certified ICC coach Ieva Kovalenoka for 400 EUR.

And for those you will decide to become a coach himself, join our spring or summer training with 15% discount.

Register till 15th November. ALISA MANAGEMENT LABORATORY always finds an individual approach to each client. Ask your questions in the email or by phone: & +371 242 03 300


b-studio is a multifunctional brand studio with kitchen area for video and photo sessions for those who want to be noticed. b-studio’s motto – IT’S GONNA BE BOLD – they represent things, ideas and solutions that find place in people’s minds. Content is a king, and it deserves to be authentic. Take risks and be brave – this is a place where you can let your creativity run wild.


Bilderlings Pay Ltd. – Business account in 24 hours

The company offers the most popular banking services for companies and individuals:


More info: is a company developing, providing and maintaining audio-visual solutions, which keeps it eyes on technological developments and innovation and integrates them into specific projects. The company provides customers with the best sound, lighting, video and interactive technologies, as well as ergonomic furniture and acoustic booths for companies, state and educational institutions.

Company is unique in offering a full range of services: research, consulting, planning and design, implementation of a ready-made solution, aftersales support and service. They work to understand clients needs and supplement them with their knowledge and experience, thus creating personalized and effective solutions. Want to know more about  products and solutions? Contact them!

Call: +371 6761 5096
Fill the application form in our website:
Visit us: Braslas iela 29a, Rīga

Dahua Technology is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management and consumers. Dahua Technology is a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider. Based on technological innovations, Dahua Technology offers end-to-end security solutions, systems, and services to create values for city operations, corporate management and consumers.

There were three solutions presented of current interest:

1. Human Body temperature monitoring solution. Efficient, Visible & Non-contact– Safe: Non-contact temperature measurement– Efficient: Multi-person measurement– Accurate: Maximum ±0.3°C error– Hybrid: Intelligent temperature tracking on the visual channel.

2. Non-Contact Acces control with thermal module. Temperature monitoring / Face recognition– Temperature Monitoring distance: 0,3-1,8 m– Temperature accuracy: +/- 0,5 C– Temperature monitoring speed: 0,2 s– Easy installation and mobility.

3. People Counting and Flow control solution.

More info:

Ordinary is boring, don’t you agree? Most of you are already providing the possibility to receive and make payments online, but DECTA bet there are ways how you can improve your payment routine.

DECTA provides various payment solutions with the market-leading technological features:


Company has implemented projects in 27 countries, and have been working already with thousands of institutions.

The recent news and project case studies may be found here.

Let innovations in your life with DECTA, contact us via

Secure your home office with ESET Internet Security

ESET Latvia will provide all interested RIGA COMM participants with an ESET Internet Security (1 device, computer or mobile phone, valid for half a year). During these uncertain times cybersecurity is very important, especially working remotely. Secure your home devices with this special ESET offer.

ESET Internet Security – protecting all aspects of your digital life with cutting-edge expertise and advanced machine learning. Secures Windows, Mac, Android and Linux devices.

Learn more about ESET Internet Security Antivirus license:

In order to receive your ESET Antivirus licence please contact: The amount of gifts is limited untill 2020.12.15.

The Factris factoring company provides an opportunity for each company to organise its current assets and financial flows in a cost-effective and secure way. The factoring service will be useful for every small and medium-sized company that plans to develop its business or hedge against changing market conditions.

Currently, the special offer consists of an interest rate of 0.5% on the use of capital for a period of 30 days and free insurance for a period of 3 months. Insurance is also granted to export customers.


FanApps offers a platform where anyone can build an app without coding skills and, when it is ready, submit it to both Goole Play and the App Store.

Special offer to app enthusiasts ‒ 10% off the first, quarter or month payment!


Entrepreneur! Do you know your client? Have you thought about a loyalty system? Maybe thinking about another new plastic card to hand out to your customers, who already are overwhelmed with plastic cards? Understood that the loyalty system costs more than you are willing to pay? Or your current loyalty system does not satisfy you and is obsolete?
Don’t worry!
Well, we are here to offer you a loyalty system as a service – Go4Bonus!

We are introducing a new approach by using a card which is already almost in every persons’ wallet – national identification card or eID! Yes, it is a card issued by the government to which we are adding additional useful features.

We are offering a loyalty system “Go4Bonus” which can be used at both on-site and off-site locations. Managers can create different loyalty offers, set different timeframes for each offer and other individual offer settings and once the customer is ready to make a purchase, the cashier can see the status of the customer and the purchase discount needed to be offered. Loyalty system also offers after-sales functionality – you are able to see which offers are used the most, how many discounts or free giveaways are given, what client segments are making the most purchases and other necessary information on what business decisions can be made.

Additionally, existing and potential customers can log in the loyalty system’s client section and follow their status at every shop and see all offers and discounts offered.
What about future advantages? “Go4Bonus” works also with a virtual loyalty card that always will be accessible to the Client in his/her mobile device even if the eID card is left at home.
Unlock even more functionality by connecting your “Go4Bonust” profile with our marketing system “Go4Post” and gain the possibility to send information and offers directly to your customers utilizing location services!

Register at for a free customer account or contact us at for a business account.

Nowadays, when time and social media channels are of significant importance for any company, a social marketing tool “Go4Post” has been created to combine all your company social media profiles in one place. By ensuring you the possibility to add multiple different social media accounts, compose a single message and send it to all your social media profiles at any time, our aim is to provide you a time saving solution so you can focus on income generating activities rather than switching between different social media accounts.

Go4Post provides connections to unlimited Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and VKontakte accounts, as well as provide email and text messaging (SMS) distribution channels. In the near future we will be adding additional social media platforms and enhanced functionality.

Register at and try it for free! Let us know what you think and what we could do to save you your social media time even more.

The company KO TU ELPO was established to create and develop new microclimate technology systems. KO TU ELPO are dealing in the development, design and rental of indoor air biofilters, focusing on combining nature, engineering and science with the aim of efficiently, intelligently and beautifully improving the quality of life.

The company is currently in the process of developing a new model of ELPOplantbot, suitable for both home and office. KO TU ELPO invites to apply for a month trial period.


Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) is the biggest association of entrepreneurs in Latvia uniting almost 6000 members. The purpose of the association is to promote the competitiveness of Latvian companies at both national and international levels by providing such services as:


Special membership offer:

Mailigen is an e-mail marketing automation platform developed in Latvia, which merged with Pipedrive in March this year. By joining forces, companies offer targeted sales and email marketing solutions to help companies work more efficiently and easily communicate with a customer throughout its life cycle.

Presentations (PDF) by Gints Branka from Mailigen by Pipedrive find here.

To discuss cooperation opportunities, please contact Gints by writing to

Company image and online sales efficiency are more important than ever. Mediapark offers to apply for a quick audit of the website or e-shop, which will provide answers to questions such as:
– What changes need to be made to an existing website or e-store to increase conversions with existing traffic?
– What changes will make it easier for potential visitors to find a website in search engines?
– Is the download speed fast enough and how can I improve it?

This audit is especially relevant for small and medium-sized companies that are already actively advertising or planning to launch digital advertising campaigns. Applying for a free audit

Meemo CRM + solution for small and medium-sized enterprises developed in Latvia! A special offer by the end of this year!

Only EUR 39 + VAT, regardless of the number of users. Free installation!


Apply for a demo version or remote presentation, now

Paysera cancels commissions for administering the company account for 6 months and especially favourable prices for using the Paysera Checkout system to new customers, who have connected the Paysera Latvia Checkout payment gateway to their Internet stores in October.


Self-service solutions are rapidly gaining popularity around the world, thanks to additional security and human resource optimization capabilities. Tapbox is an international developer of self-service solutions that assembles devices, develops software and customizes individual solutions. The main advantages are the assembly of easy-to-use self-service kiosks of a modern design, as well as unique software solutions that, from management point of view, allow for centralized control and monitoring of an unlimited number of kiosks. In terms of functionality, the basic functions of our equipment are payment, printing and scanning, but we are also able to provide unique solutions such as customer identity verification with document scanning and face recognition system.


The Tet technology and entertainment company offers to RIGA COMM visitors to try the robocall solution free of charge! Apply to get an opportunity to make 500 free robocalls to Latvian customers by the end of this year.

Read more about this service here.

Apply for service calling 26785291 or writing to

Timesaving is an experienced identification and IT company that offers high-class individual IT and ID technology solutions in any business sphere. The company offers to its customers a number of innovative solutions that will make routine work easier and allow more efficient use of company’s resources:

A new BinaryQ queue management system, which is an effective solution for regulating visitor flow and improving the quality of customer service. BinaryQ will surprise businesses and its visitors with unprecedented benefits. The standard license price includes extensive options for design and function configuration, new features for mobile app, and many other benefits. BinaryQ is especially suitable for remote customer service!

Contemporary Electronic Inventory solution that helps you makes an inventory more quickly and accurately.

InStock WMS ‒ a multifunctional and flexible warehouse management system designed to automate warehouse processes in medium and large size distribution centres.

With the Timesaving solutions, you will be one step ahead of your competitors!


Verifone offers the latest “Engage” series POS terminals for various retail industries and specifics. The new series of POS terminals has been carefully designed for the convenience of customers and has proven itself as a fast, convenient and functional modern technology.

Every detail is important in customer service to make purchasing easy and intuitive:


These properties allow improving service, attracting new buyers and focusing on the company’s daily growth needs.

“ENGAGE” POS terminals provide maximum return, greater customer involvement, satisfaction and loyalty.


Web Graph is developing solutions that allow you to extract data from websites. The Web Scraper software ensures automated web data extraction, processing, reviewing using APIs, and much more. Participation in RIGA COMM 2020 has not only provided new contacts but also friends and a more in-depth understanding of the various e-commerce products that will certainly be useful in the near future.