Together with our RIGA COMM 2018 Internet of Things Conference community event page in Facebook, we create Baltic IoT Landscape or Market Map.


You have certainly seen such in different sectors all over the Internet, but mostly with the global report visualizing by industry analyst or research firm. But for the Baltic market will do it together with our management. Categories we will make in the process, but we will start with #IoT network operators/service providers.


In this category, we have included Tele2 IoT, Connected Baltics & Sigfox partnership, Lattelecom, Smart City Vilnius, Levicom NORAnet, Latvijas Mobilais Telefons, Thinnect and Stream Networks, the last one is disputable. Because they announced that will provide and confirmed to us, but no further action. The same we have an open question about, what are they doing? And what’s going on in Bite Latvija / Bite Lietuva and Telia Lietuva / Telia Latvija / Telia Eesti network?


Suggest if you know more or new coming market players in this category by writing to email


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