Bilderlings is a modern, mobile bank operating in two main areas – internet acquiring and settlement accounts. Since 2015, the company has successfully operated in the payment services market. Bilderlings holds a license from the financial regulatory body of the UK (Financial Conduct Authority) and a top-level certificate that guarantees protection of card data systems: PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a single standard for security in the payment industry).


What will we talk about at RIGA COMM 2018?

In our everyday work, we often hear the question: How does one maintain the high security standards required by the financial industry while staying dynamic as a developer of modern payment solutions? IT specialists from Bilderlings Pay will report on Docker, a phenomenon in the software world, and the concept of “containerization” that is associated with it.


Docker is usually thought of as a “software” or “tool,” but in fact it is a conceptual approach, or even a philosophy, expressed in software solutions. In short: Docker is similar to a loader in a port that works with standard containers. A “container,” in turn, is an isolated process – or several processes that serve as an active application. “Containers” can be moved from place to place, their quantity can be increased (or decreased) based on requirements like the level of system load or convenience of installing an app, for example. As a result, payment software solutions based on this approach give you full control over the process, on the one hand, as it is when it runs on a physical server, but at the same time provide flexibility comparable to the virtualization of a cloud service.


Are all the necessary safety standards being met? Yes – this is a “golden mean” that is able, first and foremost, to provide flexibility in infrastructure without reducing the security level of the system. Within the framework of the RIGA COMM 2018 conference, our IT professionals will discuss the benefits of the Docker concept using the example of several leading American and European companies.


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