TapBox will be on the booth with one of the self-service kiosks where you be able to try out demo applications from several industries. While visiting the TapBox booth at the same time will be a great opportunity to talk to industry experts and exchange business contacts to potentially start a new collaboration in the field of self-service.


Tapbox is a complete self-service solution provider for a wide variety of industries and applications. We offer a full range of services: design, purchase, software development and maintenance of self-service systems

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InPass solutions are made to help your company improve labor productivity and make decisions which are based on specific data, at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world. With InPass solutions can keep up with the operation of production facilities, or to follow the climate parameters of the premises or to carry out electronic work time accounting of employees. Our client can see and analyze the data obtained on the client’s portal. InPass sensor installation is simple and fast. The solutions are designed so as not to affect the equipment electronics or warranty.


We tailor solutions individually to the wishes and needs of each client and also ensure maintenance of the system.


Apply for the solutions we offer during the exhibition and test them for one month free of charge.


We invite you to attend the Magnetic Latvia stand at the RIGA COMM 2018 exhibition and find out more about our offer!

Contact us:

E-mail: info@inpass.lv

Phone: +371 29873054

Homepage: www.inpass.lv

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Monitorings/


Visit also the RIGA COMM 2018 Internet of Things Conference on 12 October to find out more.

Follow the conference page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1958735187699138/


The internet of things (IoT) is transforming cities nowadays, and we call them intelligent or smart cities. Each of us has their own image of how present and upcoming technologies will impact and create future cities. So what are we seeing now in terms of urban development?


IoT helps to automate streetlights providing centralized control, reporting, coordinated switching, energy saving and monitoring, and remote fault detection and maintenance alerts. IoT automates rubbish collection and recycling, which improves cleanliness, reduces fuel costs, provides for operation reporting and yes, generally it helps to keep our environment cleaner. Isn’t this great? IoT will ensure pollution-free cities by monitoring air quality and identifying sources of pollution. Have you experienced an annoying situation in a car park when searching for a free spot? IoT solutions are being made available for the efficient citywide utilisation of parking spaces. Many more new applications for cities are available on the market, which will make a positive contribution to our lives in cities. Urban sustainability is no longer imaginable without connected things and their solutions.


If your city needs a partner for digitalization, then take a look at the market players from the Baltics – Iamus, Eliko, Fima, Citintelly, Ridango, Cityntel, Bikeep, Bindio (Greynut), Teliko, Pilot Automotive Labs and Flydog Solutions. If  you know a company that is missing from this list, inform us by writing to the email andris.breske@bt1.lv.


Visit the RIGA COMM 2019 Internet of Things Conference on 11 October to find out more.

Follow the conference page: https://www.facebook.com/events/357400731726649/