Quick money transfers, better exchange rates, faster and cheaper investment in crowd financing platforms and securities markets, easier pay services on mobile devices, automated spending and billing reports and analysis: these are just some of the benefits for consumers of fintech or financial technology solutions. To learn the news in the financial technology sector, attend the FinTech Conference at Riga COMM 2021 this October.

The ability of new technologies to capture and process data in real time changes how business is conducted, how products and services are perceived, and how consumers participate in this process. Financial technologies are developing the economy and society, creating more equitable, transparent and inclusive financial services, and promoting competition by giving consumers more choice.

Fintech has been a buzzword in the financial world for some time, and it has played a significant role in a variety of areas, including banking, insurance and investment. The combination of telecommunications, data analysis, cryptography, cryptocurrency and other machine-learning technologies is rapidly and significantly changing the entire banking sector – more quickly and significantly than ever before. The new solutions allow you to make transactions using a mobile phone or tablet, improve performance efficiency, security and customer experience, and reduce costs for your business.

Fintech is not just about the digitization of money but also monetization of data

Companies collect large amounts of data – information provided by customers, sales volumes, home page visits and many other types of data. However, companies need to know and use this data for their own benefit so that they are useful for business. The new technology solutions allow companies to convert big data to meaningful information.

Fintech helps companies of all sizes understand and manage collected data by creating tools and processes that convert them into meaningful, usable data. In this way, companies can analyse patterns, trends or relationships. Moreover, technological solutions make it easy to get reports that help you more easily track new information and create a more efficient strategy.

Perfect for SMEs

Innovative fintech solutions can contribute significantly not only to large organisations but also to small businesses, improving cash flow, working capital management and providing for more stable or safer funding. Moreover, fintech solutions are often cheaper and safer compared to banks.

Innovative fintech products give small and medium-sized enterprises access to a variety of financing opportunities: P2P (peer-to-peer) lending, merchant and e-commerce financing, invoice financing, online supply chain financing and online trade financing.

Also this autumn, from 14­–15 October, learn about the latest digital marketing trends at the annual business and IT industry event RIGA COMM, where developers and suppliers of enterprise resource management, document management, HRM and security systems, suppliers of cloud services, internet and digital marketing services, web solutions and mobile application developers, and ICT product manufacturers offer ready-to-use and tailored solutions for companies in different industries and of different sizes, municipal authorities and organisations to facilitate efficient operation. An extensive conference programme will complement the technology exhibition.

RIGA COMM is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, SmartHR Latvija, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mailigen, Finance Latvia Association and other partners.

Buy your ticket for RIGA COMM 2021 now! For the 10th consecutive year, IT, HRM, marketing and business professionals and stakeholders are welcome to acquire knowledge and learn information at the Baltic Business Technology Show and Conference RIGA COMM to be held from 14–15 October this autumn. 

“Digital transformation affects all sectors of the economy and everyday life, work and communication. For the time being, however, not all Latvian companies are fully exploiting their digital potential. Therefore, the contribution of the RIGA COMM team to the development of business technologies and innovations in Latvia for 10 years is especially commendable. I invite both entrepreneurs and heads of state institutions and industry professionals to attend this large-scale exhibition and conferences in order to further promote modernization and work efficiency in their companies and institutions,” urges Jānis Endziņš, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

Resource, document, personnel management and security system developers and suppliers, cloud service, Internet and digital marketing providers, web and mobile app developers, and ICT producers will showcase both ready-to-use and tailor-made solutions for businesses, municipal authorities and organisations in different sectors. This will also be the place to learn about the latest innovations developed by labs, scientific institutes, hackathons and developer communities.

The two-day event will present seven conferences. RIGA COMM 2021 will also offer the traditional Internet of Things, FinTech, Machine Learning, Smart HRM and Digital Marketing conferences, as well as the Women in Tech Conference focussing on women in the technology industry.

The event will also host the first in Latvia Influencer Marketing Conference – a professional and educational event for content creators / players in the influencer marketing industry. Attend this event with a RIGA COMM 2021 ticket.

Tickets for RIGA COMM are already available online. Ticket price will increase as the event approaches. Expect a price change on 26 February. RIGA COMM is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, SmartHR Latvija, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mailigen, Finance Latvia Association and other partners.

Venue and opening hours:

Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre (Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga)
14 October 10.00–17.00
15 October 10.00–17.00

Keep up with the RIGA COMM news: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

We encourage all “RIGA COMM” attendees to experience signing with pleasure using “SigningServices”. It is a digital signing solution for companies, that empowers its users to quickly sign documents digitally with outstanding user-experience, ensuring maximum security of your information.

“Digital Mind” partner Edgars Stafeckis will tell about the crucial role that digital signing plays under current circumstances and the many use-cases both within a company, as well as in e-channels with customers.

User-centered design, flexible support and information security – our commitment to these values is backed by our industry-leading clients in BFSI, telco, utility and other industries.

The world is changing. So are the habits and demands of customers – conducting business digitally has become a must. Inefficient and risk prone physical information processing can be replaced with convenient and secure digital signing in your business using “SigningServices”.

Designed to sign with pleasure.


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+371 27774411

“Alpha Visum” will present an algorithm that can convert time series data of any length into one single index that will contain main behavioral features of original data. Time series data are data that are created with some regularity, for example, fixed amount at Your balance at the end of the day. During exhibition Alpha Visum will introduce with practical examples of how the created indexes can be used as a single parameter to help easily search, group, filter, find anomalies or forecast time series based on data behavior within large datasets as well as use them as an additional parameter for AI, machine learning and financial scoring models.

Visitors will be able to view demonstration tests, as well as obtain additional detailed information about the technology that is built as cloud computing services using newest API technologies and is easy to access and integrate without interfering existing infrastructures. Practical examples will allow to see scalability of the technology and its ability to process data at high speed in real time and without any limitations.

Alpha Visum created solution is adoptable to different sectors but especially beneficial for financial sector data analysis. Meanwhile, there is currently no equivalent solution on the market that allows to group, filter, or use visual behavior as a separate parameter for data modeling.

Alpha Visum is Latvian company that was established in 2017 by uniting people with financial technologies and artificial intelligence experience.

More info:


The 8th Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference RIGA COMM to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre, October 10–11, will offer an extensive conference programme and a technology-rich showcase section attended by more than 5000 executives and professionals of different levels. The two-day event will present more than 100 speakers at 10 events on 5 stages and expositions by 100 companies from at least 8 countries.

 To make it easier for visitors and participants to meet, communicate and negotiate successfully, a special app and meeting area will be available at RIGA COMM this year.

The women-only stage!

To encourage more women to join the technology industry and draw attention to women who have built a successful career in this sector, the Women in Tech conference will be held for the first time this year. Women will share their success stories and encourage other women to engage in the business and technology creation process. Among the participants there will be one of Norway’s most high-profile female executives Berit Svendsen, currently a vice president of the financial technology company Vipps., Inspiring Fifty ranked Berit among the Europe’s top 50 women tech entrepreneurs in 2016. The “Women in Tech” conference is held in cooperation with Riga TechGirls. The conference will be held in English.

From teaching assistant to prediction tools in business

The way we work is increasingly changing, decisions need to be taken more quickly and areas of responsibility are expanding. How smart machines and algorithms can help us at work or training will be told by the representatives from Emergn, SAP, Microsoft, Accenture, C.T.Co, Scandic Fusion and others at the Human + Intelligent Machine Conference, which is a follow-up to the Machine Learning Conference of previous years. The conference is organised in collaboration with Intelligent Machines Riga. Working language:  English.

Internet of Things news

The annual Internet of Things Conference will provide information on IoT solutions and their use in business processes, public and urban environment management. Conference speakers – Aleksander Poniewierski, Global IoT Leader at Ernst & Young and Martin Woolley, Senior Developer Relations Manager, EMEA at Bluetooth SIG. Working language: English.

Technologies for more convenient and secure financial services

Financial technologies have great potential to provide faster and better financial services. Discover advanced financial technologies and tools for companies and organisations at the FinTech conference – digital transformation of banks, secure and convenient authorisation, technology entry into insurance, as well as discussions of Latvian financial experts.

Digital tools for effective customer engagement

Two days on the RIGA COMM TVNET Digital Marketing Stage experts will discuss how the daily use of digital sales and marketing tools can increase the profitability of e-commerce companies and successful export. From user experience, GDPR and multichannel marketing to content marketing and smartphone potential – international and Baltic experience. Working languages: Latvian and English.

Technologies for attracting, engaging and retaining staff

The need for smart technology solutions in Human Resources (HR) Management is increasing, especially in large companies. At the Smart HR Conference, learn about smart HR technologies for workforce management, planning, engagement, training, wellbeing and internal communication, polling, bonus management, recruitment and analysis. The conference is held in collaboration with Smart HR Latvia Team. Working language: English.

The role of humans in the future work environment

Concerns that robots and machines will replace humans have never been bigger. Every day someone points out that in a world of automation and artificial intelligence, employees will become redundant. On the Cognizant Future of Work Stage, world-class speakers will discuss not only future work and lifelong learning but also the changes in the organisational culture, a data-based approach to improving an individual’s performance, why freelance is a future form of work and how to build a successful team. Working language: English. Held in cooperation with Cognizant.

ALSO Latvia, the largest IT wholesaler in Latvia, will present in their exposition area the most recent electronic products for sale in Latvia, as well as the company will discuss future trends on the ALSO Stage on October 11.

During both RIGA COMM days, the latest innovations from institutes, laboratories, hackathons and developer communities will be showcased in the Innovation Booth.

RIGA COMM is the only annual business and IT industry fair in the Baltics where developers and suppliers of enterprise resource management, document management, HRM and security systems, suppliers of cloud services, internet and digital marketing services, web solutions and mobile application developers, and ICT product manufacturers offer ready-to-use and tailored solutions for companies in different industries and of different sizes, municipal authorities and organisations to facilitate efficient operation. Each visitor will receive consultation and recommendations on the most appropriate solutions.

Organisers: International Exhibition Company BT 1 in collaboration with ALSO Latvia, Cognizant, TVNET, Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, SmartHR Latvija, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Forbes Latvija, Mailigen, Finance Latvia Association, Krassky and other partners.

Tickets are available online, or at the box office. Ticket price will increase as the event approaches.

Venue and opening hours:

Kipsala International Exhibition Centre (Ķīpsalas iela 8, Riga)

Conference Programme

Within the framework of Riga COMM 2019, Bilderlings experts will advise you on all matters regarding opening and managing an account, taking into account the peculiarities of your business.

Bilderlings is a fintech platform that offers accounts for businesses and individuals. Bilderlings helps businesses open an account in one day, customize sophisticated financial solutions and automate processes using the API. Bilderlings customers are both large companies and progressive startups. Bilderlings is a British fintech platform that is regulated by the FCA and meets all the security standards of a traditional British bank.

The Bilderlings team consists of ambitious people who feel the trends of the technological era and experienced financiers who came from the banking sector.

More info:





By Crassula.io


Owning an online business means you have to be frisky and able to quickly adapt to innovations. FinTech trends are rapidly changing, requiring new solutions to constantly occurring issues, fulfilling your customers’ wishes.


Current innovation trend is freedom of choice in payment methods, which includes mass cryptocurrency adoption. It is reasoned by many benefits of digital currency use, such as immediate payments, decentralization and very low risks of frauds. With the growing popularity of crypto, the idea of integrating it into online payment solutions becomes more common. But there is still work to be done as virtual currencies are yet to replace traditional or credit/debit card payments.


One of the reasons behind such a slow process of cryptocurrency integration in payments world is lack of knowledge and competence. Digital currencies might be the hottest topic in FinTech world, but many consumers still stay uninformed. Dalia’s 2018 survey shows that more than 50% of users still have no knowledge of cryptocurrency trend, despite Bitcoin’s explosive rise in 2017. Especially, people lack understanding where exactly cryptocurrencies can be used – and the fact that they can be used for almost every purpose the same as traditional money. By implementing cryptocurrencies in business operations, companies contribute to creating more awareness and educating their clients about the benefits and limitations of digital currencies. These contributions work towards the larger adoption of digital money.


Crassula’s CEO Daria Dubinina also highlights the fact that cryptocurrency is comprehended more as an asset by its owners prevents it from adoption in the real economy: “People are buying crypto with the hope that its value is going to get bigger, which shows instability of digital currency. When the value becomes more stable, there will become more opportunities for its integration in everyday payments.


But making cryptocurrency payment possible in your business allows consumers to take advantage of the innovative world of digital money. We already can see more opportunities arising with more businesses incorporating decentralized networks for transactions, but the progress is still on the way. The unique and brilliant technology of blockchain can make a big impact not only on your business but on the economy of the whole world. Developing countries highly support the idea of digital currencies because of them becoming an alternative to ineffective financial systems.


How can you contribute?


If you care about cryptocurrency adoption but have no or not enough idea of how it can be implemented, consider using a white label service that already has necessary features and offers solutions for cryptocurrency payments. Brands like Crassula are already offering innovative technologies that help to make a transition from traditional currency to digital currency more easy, fast and essential. And it all is white labeled to help other companies integrate digital currencies in their business in days.


Visit the RIGA COMM 2018 Blockchain Conference on 12 October to find out more.

Follow the conference page: facebook.com/events/165763137386048/

On 11 and 12 October, Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre will host the annual Business Technology Fair and Conference “RIGA COMM 2018” for the seventh time. The event offers an extensive programme of practical conferences and seminars, as well as a fair that provides information on modern IT and business technology solutions to companies and organisations.


“Demand creates supply – “RIGA COMM 2018” keeps on developing and will take place in two halls this year! Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, business process optimisation, cyber security, blockchains, human resource management and digital marketing – these are just some of the topics that already attracted a lot of interest last year. This year, we have added two other useful conferences to the programme – on financial technologies and productivity,” Andris Breške, Project Manager of “RIGA COMM”, elaborates.


Participants from various countries

The fair in Riga will be attended by developers and providers of digital solutions, tools and services, as well as representatives thereof, from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ireland, Canada and China, as they will be presenting the latest technologies, products and services.


Enterprises will present innovative digital business solutions and services, innovative technologies and products, including digital marketing solutions, cloud computing services, IoT and telematics solutions, e-saving services, business consultations etc. Visitors of “RIGA COMM” will be able to consult with experts and choose the most suitable solutions for their business or organisation.


Whereas those who are interested in technological innovations and consumer electronics that are yet to appear in Latvian stores will be welcome at the “ALSO University” display, where visitors will not only be able to view but also try out the latest hybrid computers, TVs, compact printers and other equipment.


Conferences for business and personal growth

Mark 11 and 12 October in your calendars right now, as “RIGA COMM 2018” will be offering more than 12 valuable and interesting conferences on these dates for you to get new ideas and knowledge. The conferences will take place in English and Latvian on seven different stages alongside the exhibition of the fair. In order to attend most of the conferences, it is enough to purchase a ticket to “RIGA COMM 2018”, which may already be done at www.bezrindas.lv and on the fair’s website www.rigacomm.com. However, if you wish to attend separate conferences, prior registration is required. Here is some information on the main events!


11 October:

Executive Forum. For the second time already, Ķīpsala will gather entrepreneurs, as well as executives of the IT industry and other sectors to discuss the increasing role of information technologies (IT) in the management processes of any organisation. The forum is organised in cooperation with “Proact IT Latvia”. More information: www.facebook.com/events/1061347340679001/


Machine Learning Practical Application Conference. Machine learning algorithms and the application thereof in business. Smart machines are already in use, and in order to provide new and effective services and make better decisions so that they will be used even more often in the near future alongside new algorithms. More information: www.facebook.com/events/432218577193046/


Fintech Conference. Those who are interested will be able to acquire information on progressive financial technologies and tools for companies and organisations. Faster and better financial services! More information: www.facebook.com/events/102147303980113/


Smart HR Conference. The need for smart technological HR management solutions is becoming more and more substantial, especially for large enterprises. The conference will look at topics such as smart HR technologies in labour management, planning, integration, training, internal communication, surveying, bonus management, recruitment, analysis etc. More information: www.facebook.com/events/1864129433878958/


12 October:

Productivity Conference. How companies should prepare for the digitalisation of business processes, how to assess which business processes and functions should be automated, how to choose the most suitable automation solutions and tools for efficient and transparent process management – find detailed information at the first Productivity Conference. More information: www.facebook.com/events/144619686357772/


3rd Internet of Things Conference.  Annual conference on solutions of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the use thereof in business, as well as in public administration and urban environment management. How IoT technologies help to improve efficiency, user experience, resource management, customer service, machine maintenance and reduce operational costs. More information: www.facebook.com/events/1958735187699138/


Blockchain Conference.  How blockchain technology and the use thereof will develop over the coming years, and what the potential thereof is today. Experience will be shared by leading Latvian and international experts. More information:  www.facebook.com/events/165763137386048/


Digital Marketing Stage. During both days of the fair, experts and digital trainers will provide information on digital sales and marketing tools and the practical use thereof, as well as share their success stories. This year’s content will be even more useful, as it is being prepared in cooperation with marketing managers of companies, bearing in mind modern day marketing needs and trends. More information: www.facebook.com/events/216134022282349/


“RIGA COMM 2018” will also host the Latvian “Horizon 2020” brokerage event and seminars, “ALSO University” seminars etc. More information: www.rigacomm.com

Follow us: www.facebook.com/RigaComm and www.twitter.com/RigaComm


“RIGA COMM” is organised by the International Exhibition Company BT 1. Cooperation partners: Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, “Proact IT Latvia”, “ALSO Latvia”, “Cognizant”, Latvian Blockchain Association, “Sem.lv”, “ExportScene”, “Mailigen”, “Smart HR Latvija”, “Gedvillo Consulting”.



Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre


Opening hours:
11 October 10:00–18:00
12 October 10:00–18:00



Ticket price – 20 EUR. Ticket prices will increase during the event. Tickets may be purchased on the website of the fair www.rigacomm.com or on the ticket platform BezRindas.lv.


Bilderlings is a modern, mobile bank operating in two main areas – internet acquiring and settlement accounts. Since 2015, the company has successfully operated in the payment services market. Bilderlings holds a license from the financial regulatory body of the UK (Financial Conduct Authority) and a top-level certificate that guarantees protection of card data systems: PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a single standard for security in the payment industry).


What will we talk about at RIGA COMM 2018?

In our everyday work, we often hear the question: How does one maintain the high security standards required by the financial industry while staying dynamic as a developer of modern payment solutions? IT specialists from Bilderlings Pay will report on Docker, a phenomenon in the software world, and the concept of “containerization” that is associated with it.


Docker is usually thought of as a “software” or “tool,” but in fact it is a conceptual approach, or even a philosophy, expressed in software solutions. In short: Docker is similar to a loader in a port that works with standard containers. A “container,” in turn, is an isolated process – or several processes that serve as an active application. “Containers” can be moved from place to place, their quantity can be increased (or decreased) based on requirements like the level of system load or convenience of installing an app, for example. As a result, payment software solutions based on this approach give you full control over the process, on the one hand, as it is when it runs on a physical server, but at the same time provide flexibility comparable to the virtualization of a cloud service.


Are all the necessary safety standards being met? Yes – this is a “golden mean” that is able, first and foremost, to provide flexibility in infrastructure without reducing the security level of the system. Within the framework of the RIGA COMM 2018 conference, our IT professionals will discuss the benefits of the Docker concept using the example of several leading American and European companies.


More about us:

Bilderlings Pay

Address: 8/10 Pils str., Riga, Latvia, LV-1050

Tel.: +371 665 550 84;

E-mail: info@bilderlingspay.com

Web: www.bilderlingspay.com

Blog: https://bilderlingspay.com/blog/en/

Social: facebook.com/Bilderlings


Visit the Fintech Conference at “RIGA COMM 2018” on 11 October to find out more.

Follow the news of the conference: https://www.facebook.com/events/102147303980113/