Deskis OÜ and Modul Ltd. will offer a Forest Resource Management System with integrated satellite imagery – ForestMan with ForestRadar technology. Companies will demonstrate the new cloud-based system – Forest Resource Management System with Integrated Satellite Imagery Analysis.

During the exhibition companies will offer:

ForestMan with ForestRadar technology has been developed by Latvian and Estonian companies in cooperation within the Interreg Estonia-Latvia cross-border programme’s project MyTree Alert Service.

Deskis OÜ has developed a new forest asset management application called ForestMan, which works in the cloud and on mobile devices, with integrated ForestRadar satellite monitoring change detection service developed by Modul Ltd. ForestMan makes it easy for forest owners to find their property, look up new property to buy, includes forest inventory, cadastre and address data, and uses GPS location while in the field. The integrated ForestRadar technology enables to browse the latest cloud-free satellite imagery, provide satellite-based clear-cut detection and monitoring.

Modul Ltd. provides ForestRadar change detection service using a combination of satellite imagery data and machine learning (ML) algorithms to accurately and fast identify new clear-cuts in the forest. ForestRadar Change Detection Service provides weekly or less frequent alerts (via email and / or web app) on large forest areas, with changes ranging from 0.25 ha and proved very high accuracy – 95% tested to over 8,000 clear-cut polygons. The result by polygons is delivered in any vector data format or via the API to conveniently display current field data in an enterprise IT / GIS system. Modul Ltd. also provides the ForestRadar cloud-free basemap, updating monthly or more frequently on cloud-free areas and a satellite imagery archive from 2014 for all of Latvia and Estonia.

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For the second year in a row SAF Tehnika is taking part in RIGA COMM with their most innovative product line to date – The Aranet.


This year Aranet team will be doing a presentation on “IoT for business – applications, benefits, opportunities”. Industrial IoT has developed closely alongside consumer IoT goods and now is here to change the industrial applications as we know them. Experts predict that there will be more than 24 billion IoT devices on Earth by 2020. In this presentation you will find out what can IoT applications offer to businesses and what challenges are ahead for industrial IoT.


Aranet is an environmental internet of things (IoT) monitoring solution for a variety of businesses. Aranet product line consists of both – a wireless sensor networks as well as stand-alone sensors that measure temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels.


Aranet capabilities offer new solutions for different businesses including food manufacturing plants, grocery stores, warehouse management companies, museums and exhibition halls, hotels and restaurants, agricultural facilities, data centres and many others.


Visit to learn more about SAF Tehnika’s latest innovation.


Visit the RIGA COMM 2018 Internet of Things Conference on 12 October to find out more.

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