Konica Minolta Baltia is a subsidiary of Konica Minolta Inc., as a leading global services provider in the field of IT- and document processes as well as digital production and industrial printing solutions the company excels in services-led business consulting, implementation and management and provides a range of world-leading printing systems and solutions.

Discover Konica Minolta Business Technologies for Digital Workplace IN Riga Comm expo!

Workplace Hub: simplify your IT.

Workplace Hub makes it easier to plan, manage and grow the IT environment. It creates the infrastructure for the future by empowering your current technology. It helps to reduce IT complexity, removes repetitive IT tasks, ends unwelcome distractions and optimizes total IT spend.

Content & Document Management

From various processes automation to full document management. Digital invoice management lets you easily capture all incoming invoices. All relevant invoice details, such as consignment, invoice numbers, etc., are automatically processed, checked, and captured using text recognition and intelligent algorithms.

Digital office

In Riga Comm Expo Konica Minolta defines smart office trends – smart multifunction device, panel customization, security & authorization, connectivity, easy and secure file sharing & collaboration, cloud & mobile printing.

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