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Business processes have become digitised, as the number of technologies used is quickly rising, which makes cybersecurity ever more relevant to all kinds of companies. Cybersecurity risks are diverse and can differ in the public and private sector; however, one of the key tasks in combatting them is educating workers in technology.

Soaring losses

As public, municipal and private entities expand their use of information and communication technologies, so grow the threats to cybersecurity. This is what a data breach report, published by IBM and Ponemon Institute, suggests, discussing the cost of data breaches, i.e., the level of losses companies incur if one happens. According to its data, this cost rose from 3.86 million dollars in 2020, to 4.24 million in 2021. This is a huge increase to take place for just one industry, in one year.

A long list of different types of cyberattacks has already been identified. Let’s look at key things to watch out for in 2022: top 7 data security threats.

Why is cybersecurity SO important?

One of the main tasks of cybersecurity is to protect the systems of a company and the data within them from any digital attacks. Today, most organisation data and personal data are stored in electronic devices, on servers, and on the cloud. And this is where intruders can try to access data they are not supposed to access! This is why paying attention to a few important aspects is vital to companies of all sizes:

Company and government data security

Companies depend on technology and data systems today, regardless of their industry. Sharing and storing data, and using applications leads to a higher risk of data loss or theft. Data can be used as a coercion tool against a company or its individual employees. If an attack happens, for example in a healthcare facility, the consequences can be not only financial, but also lethal.

Do cybercriminals only attack large companies?

Cybersecurity specialist Leia Shilobod warns: “Don’t fool yourself. Small businesses that don’t think they are a target for cybercriminals are really low-hanging fruit for them. These companies have a weak security system and weak security protocols, if any at all, and hackers know it, and can exploit it. Studies have shown that 60–75% of small to medium-small companies have issues with their security systems making them more vulnerable to cybercriminals.”

Threats to government data

Threats to governments differ from those affecting private businesses: for government institutions, these attacks take a more committed and planned form. The motivation behind this is typically political, and the hackers that perform these attacks can even be employed full-time to do that.

An attack on a government body means a threat to the economy of the country, and its security. The European Union, too, has sectors of vital importance that depend on digital technologies. Forecasts show that by 2024, 22.3 billion devices all over the world will be connected to the internet of things, increasing the number of cyberattacks and cybercrimes.

Employee factor

Many companies believe that the right IT technologies and security tools are enough to protect the security of their data. The reality is that in about 52% of cases, untrained and uneducated employees create the biggest threats to information security. The primary source for this, with 47%, is staff members sharing inappropriate content using their smartphones; the second threat, at 46%, comes from devices that contain company data or ways to access them and are lost by employees, and third, with a probability of 44%, is employees using the company’s technologies incorrectly or negligently, installing or running computer viruses.

Understanding the risks

A game called Escape Room and created by PwC simulates cyberattacks to raise awareness about them among employees and to reduce this risk for companies, and is available in Latvia. The company helps workers understand the threats to their company’s digital environment from the viewpoint of the hacker, with an emphasis on the most common mistakes committed by employees.

To protect your company data, follow and react to the latest events in the ever-changing field of cybersecurity. Looking forward to meeting you at the RIGA COMM 2022 cybersecurity conference, on 7 October!

Company ESET Latvia will offer an insightful presentation about smart devices and their cyber security. In his presentation Eset Latvia technology consultant Kārlis Bergmanis will review various ways IoT can be misused and basic principles on how to protect oneself when using or implementing IoT solutions.

After learning about IoT cyber security all participants will be able to get a free ESET antivirus license, that will ensure a safer browsing experience during the event. Upon arrival to the event hall, at every entrance to the conference stages participants will be able to scan an ESET QR code and download the ESET antivirus license to be used during the event.

ESET Latvia – cybersecurity experts on your side.

More info:

ESET Latvia
Tālr. +371 676 60 636

During the exhibition “RIGA COMM 2019”, visitors will have the opportunity to learn about cyber security solutions, file server and endpoint security, and will learn about multi-factor authentication and prevent data loss.

During the Riga COMM you will be able to sign up for Antivirus Trial and buy cyber security products.

ESET began life as a pioneer of antivirus protection, creating award-winning threat detection software. Now, ESET’s goal is to make sure that everybody can enjoy the breathtaking opportunities that technology offers. ESET makes the only product to ever pass the magical threshold of 100 VB100 Awards by Virus Bulletin. Dedicated services are the perfect complement to ESET’s powerful Enterprise security software solutions, ESET again named the only Challenger in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection for the second year running.

ESET technology news and cybersecurity solutions can be found at and

On November 9, 2017, during the exhibition “RIGA COMM 2017” in Ķīpsala, “Executive Forum” will be held. It is the only platform for discussion organized by Latvian IT professionals, which brings together the most knowledgeable IT experts, business people and other industry representatives for the fourth year. This year, the forum will discuss the latest cloud computing and cyber security solutions, artificial intelligence, and the development of the financial technology sector – the most significant current industry developments in the world.


“Many technologies are still at an early stage, but their potential is beyond doubt. Increasingly, mergers and convergence of technologies are being observed, which are continuing to create new industry platforms. Only those who will adapt to change and learn to identify in a timely manner the potential of new technologies will be able to compete. Therefore, the forum aims to build a knowledgeable and powerful Latvian IT community, which, following the world’s trends, could implement them in management processes of Latvian enterprises, organizations and institutions,” says Dmitrijs Šarafutdinovs, CEO of Proact IT Latvia.


The forum will cover seven topics that will be discussed by experts from both foreign countries and Latvia. One of the central topics of the forum is related to the financial sector and the changes brought about by information technology. Sanda Liepiņa, the Chairman of the Board of the Association of Latvian Commercial Banks, Eduards Bezprozvanovs, the Chief Technology Officer at the peer-to-peer lending platform TWINO, and representatives of leading leasing and insurance companies will discuss the future of the financial industry.


Robin Crohns, the Senior Sales Engineer for cybersecurity at Splunk, will present cyber security operations centres and capabilities to analyse and automate security in real time. He has more than 15 years of experience in identity and access management, security information management, data loss prevention and encryption, as well as in other security related areas. Splunk is one of the leading cyber security companies that helps companies detect and combat cyber security in real time.


Agnis Jakubovičs, the Founder and CEO of the local technology company Apply, will talk about today’s reality – artificial intelligence and company’s benefits of using, for example, artificial vision. “Artificial vision is not a distant future dream, it’s available today. Robots are able to determine where the TV commercials start and end, and what has been advertised, as well as to recognize objects and their structure, but very soon they will be able to count not only the number of visitors to a supermarket but determine their gender, age and race,” reveals Jakubovičs. He has been in the IT industry for 20 years and has worked as a programmer, analyst and project manager before setting up his company.


The forum will also discuss current issues in cloud computing, trends in social engineering and cyber security, as well as blockchain technology.


“Executive Forum” is a discussion platform for business people, IT and other industry executives created by IT executives on the growing role of information technology in management processes of any organization. The content of the platform for the fourth year has been developed by IT executives who have analysed the industry’s most important development trends in advance. Executive forum is organized by Proact IT Latvia. Register to the forum by October 27 on Entry to the forum is free of charge to all “RIGA COMM 2017” visitors.


Proact is Europe’s leading independent data centre and cloud service provider. The state-of-the-art data storage, virtualization, networking and security solutions offered by the company help organizations around the world reduce operational risks and costs, while fostering flexibility, productivity and efficiency. Proact Company has provided services to 3,500 customers, implemented more than 5,000 projects worldwide, and currently holds 100 petabytes of data in the cloud. The company was founded in 1994 and employs 800 employees in 15 countries in Europe and North America.




10:00 Registration
10:30 Opening of the Forum
10:35 PANEL DISCUSSION | My data centre in the cloud or the cloud in my data centre? (EN)
12:00 Online analytics tools for a cyber security team (EN)
12:30 Artificial intelligence – today’s reality and future vision (LV)
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch break/exhibition
14:00 Who wins what? Cyber security trends in the fight with social engineering (EN *tbc)
14:30 Blockchain technology – a digital paradigm shift? (EN/RU *tbc)
15:00 PANEL DISCUSSION | The future of the financial sector in the digital context (LV/EN *tbc)
16:30 Closing
17:00 Evening programme