Smaily will integrate Your email marketing with e-commerce and CRM. And it’s simple!


Email newsletters platform Smaily at the exhibition “RIGA COMM 2019” will make live presentations and will offer tricks and tips to email-marketing.

Get 50% reduced monthly rate for half a year for the deal made in the RIGA COMM! New integrations for e-commerce and CRM-s with Smaily.

Smaily has SPECIAL OFFER for START-UPS and  small and medium-sized enterprises: 50% reduced monthly rate for half a year! Free access to 1 video tutorial! First tailored newsletter template for free!

Smaily is an intentionally simple tool for sending beautiful email newsletters and setting up marketing automation workflows to help increase your business’ marketing quality and efficiency while reducing preparation time and resources.

The system is designed for users and marketers, with no prior email marketing experience as well as designers, who need enough creative space.

Smaily makes the tedious technical work an enjoyable creative process and offers enough options to provide a solution for the majority of business needs. Smaily provides full portfolio of services – from helping setting up first campaign, to providing full content and design services, integrations, consultation for best customer targeting and help nailing down campaign statistics.

The leader in Estonia, Smaily is the only company in the Nordic and Baltic region to offer such services at an affordable price, with no compromise to quality.

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