Tapbox, tapbox.eu @ RIGA COMM Baltic Business Technology Fair and Conference

Self Service terminals Tapbox


We provide a fully integrated solution: hardware + software. Our device can be easily integrated with any platform or e-shop through API connection. We provide comprehensive software solutions for all sorts of platforms and our solution is fully customizable from software as well as hardware perspectives.


We design, assemble, develop software and do maintenance for fully functional self-service terminals that can be integrated with any product or e-shop.

Tapbox is the ultimate one-stop interactive kiosk solution for a wide range of industries and application areas, such as for catering, ticketing and customer servicing. The use of self-service terminals reduces costs (no hiring, training, salary, equipment). A self-service terminal will not get ill or get hired by a competitor.

Thanks to modularity and flexible design, our self-service terminals can be integrated with any system.

More info at: tapbox.eu