See self-driving car in Kipsala!


Two days, from 20–21 October, alongside a smart flyer drone, a shot dispenser robot, a 3D printer for home use and other smart gadgets, RIGA COMM 2016 will also present a self-driving car developed by Latvian scientists.
Based on the knowledge about the environment and communication with other vehicles, this car is able to take decisions on steering, controlling brakes and acceleration like an intelligent cruise control system. Driver’s role is to observe the situation and take over control when it is needed. In fact, the car is still under development; it tends to make mistakes, therefore, researchers are still working to improve it.
The prototype of this car was created by the scientists of the Institute of Electronics and Computer Sciences. The team of scientists has been working on this project for almost four years, with brief interruptions, and this work is still going on. Scientists have developed algorithms, equipped the Mazda 6 with a range of sensors, for example, LiDAR, RTK-GPS, stereo vision system developed themselves. Within the framework of the SOPHIS National Research Programme, the brightest minds of the Riga Technical University and the University of Latvia have made their contribution to solving specific issues.


“Research on self-driving cars worldwide goes in two directions – car’s self-driving capability, like the Google car in the US, and its capability to communicate with intelligent road infrastructure and other vehicles. Europe and we are working in this direction,” tells Krišjānis Nesenbergs, a researcher at the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science, and conjures a vision of the future, “Just imagine the situation when vehicles pass through the intersection without braking and stopping owing to an intercommunication system!”
Latvian scientists have already twice accepted the challenge and took part with this car in two autonomous vehicle competitions, for instance, the most recent was the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016 (GCDC) that took place in May in Holland. The GCDC event was attended by ten teams from six European countries (France, Spain, Sweden, Latvia, Germany and the Netherlands) with vehicles equipped with additional sensors, accurate positioning systems, computers and wireless communication devices. The main objective of this event is not to win, but to show the latest developments in vehicle automation and to exchange opinions.
The idea of ​​self-driving cars sprang up nearly 100 years ago. This is the reality today, still not widespread though. Famous Google cars drive along the streets of the US cities, the first driverless taxis are introduced in Singapore and the United States. Moreover, the large cargo carriers, Scania, Mercedes and other car manufacturers are testing autonomous vehicles.
If you would like to see a self-driving car and the world through the car’s “eyes” and the latest gadgets – let’s meet in Kipsala!


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Venue: Kipsala International Exhibition Centre


Opening hours:

20 October 10.00–18.00

21 October 10.00–18.00


The price of the ticket for both days of the fair is EUR 20:
(The ticket may be used to visit the IT solutions fair, the Gadget Area, the Open Stage during both days, as well as the Internet of Things Conference on Friday)

Parking fee (per day, unlimited time) EUR 3