Participants and visitors of RIGA COMM continue to acquire opportunities at the fair


For your attention, we offer you to take a wider look at the last successful IT solutions fair and Business Innovation Conference “RIGA COMM 2015” which took place in October.

During the fair, companies, organisations and representatives of national authorities could get acquainted with IT solutions offers for their business, follow the Open Stage programme and receive expert advice in the consultation area regarding small and medium-sized enterprises. The executives and owners of Latvia’s major companies, senior and middle management gathered in the Business Conference to gain inspiration for new developments.

IT solutions exposition for business

Overall 2,300 people visited RIGA COMM 2015. They were interested in the most appropriate business solutions offered by more than 50 participating companies from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland. Although the total number of visitors showed a slight decrease this year, the interest in proposed IT solutions has become more targeted, according to the feedback of surveyed member companies.

Dzintra Švarcbaha, manager of the Latvian Technological Center admits, “The event is excellent – organised and focused. Once again we assured that size is not important. Visitors had clear objectives and the participants could give clear answers. I dare say that in 90% of the cases we could provide the necessary solution or inform visitors of where it could be found. We will gladly participate in the “RIGA COMM” fair again!” Indulis Misiņš, chairman of “Exerius Latvia” and Mārtiņš Kotāns, project manager of “BMC Baltics” indicated that visitors are more informed. We can see an interest in particular products of companies; moreover this exhibition has helped to promote cooperation with its other participants.

Pēteris Ancāns, representative of “Sapere Aude” expressed satisfaction about participation in the fair, “This was the first time we participated in an exhibition. We are satisfied with the results of our work. Therefore we rate this exhibition positively and are happy for the opportunity to participate in it.”

Along with various IT business solutions, Start up companies and freelance game developers were also represented at the fair. Not only visitors, but also participants of the exhibition were pleasantly surprised by the local game makers, who apart from making games for entertainment, also offer different interactive solutions for business.

Several “RIGA COMM 2015” participants reminded that firm preparedness – exhibition design, the personal interest of the stand’s personnel, setting clear exhibition targets – played a great role in making participation at the fair successful. “Every detail is important. Every firm taking part at the fair has their own brand and exhibition which are familiar to others. This fair is like the participants’ finest hour in which they are able to show something they cannot show on a daily basis,” admitted Andris Breške, manager of the project.

The Open Stage programme

Along with the exposure of the exhibition Open Stage performed for the first time and had notable visitor interest. In two days’ time more than 40 experts shared their experience and spoke about important issues for business – e-business localisation, augmented reality, local area network security, retail digitisation, the “life” of unmanned aerial vehicles, email marketing, webpage performance etc. Overall the stage held 15 presentations and discussions with 25 industry experts.

Mārtiņš Kotāns, the project manager of “BMC Baltic” is pleased about his company’s participation in the stage programme because this activity helped to encourage interest in “WorksPad”, the product offered by his company. This educational programme was also positively assessed by exhibition participants, including Jānis Dambis, project manager of “Maksikoms”, Eduards Filipovs, chairman of Business Union of Latvia and others.

According to observations of fair organisers, presentations were well attended. “Digital workshop” organised together with “Digital Journey” in which Latvia’s best Google trainers and industry professionals answered questions on how not to get lost in the “internet jungle”, was of particular interest.

Consultation area for small and medium-sized enterprises – a meeting place for interested parties 

For the first time at the exhibition “RIGA COMM 2015”, in cooperation with the Business Union of Latvia, a consultation area for small and medium-sized enterprises was organised. Entrepreneurs and company representatives of 80 different industries, who already defined their business problems or the necessary IT solutions and services before the event, applied to it. During the fair these companies consulted with exhibition participants.

Eduards Filippovs, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Business Union of Latvia indicated, “The most important thing is that we have initiated such practice – to bring together both interested parties. Companies with some necessities and that need particular IT solutions, and also companies which offer specific solutions to interested parties, meet here. If it wasn’t for this social initiative then most likely many companies would not attend this exhibition. Cooperation and continued work to educate society is important for all IT companies, not the competition.” Taking into account the positive feedback of the consultation area for small and medium-sized enterprises, also next year we are planning to continue work with small and medium-sized enterprises. We will explain and motivate them, so that they could find suitable IT solutions for their business in the exhibition.

Executives and owners of Latvia’s major companies meet at the Business Innovation Conference

On the first day of the fair a Business Innovation Conference was held. It was organised by International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with “Idea House” and “Master Sales”.

The Conference was attended by more than 150 participants – executives and owners of Latvia’s major companies, senior and middle management who know that nowadays entrepreneurship is inconceivable without the involvement of innovations and new technologies.

Unda Krieviņa, the manager of “Idea House” admits with satisfaction, “It is pleasing that the number of visitors is increasing with every year; this shows that companies are aware of the topicality of issues. While working with the programme and planning the organisational issues we pay special attention to the content, themes and information we want to offer to the audience, and also to the practical things and the inspiration which they need and also to the practical things and the and also to the practical things and the inspiration which they need. Therefore every year we invite a special guest who can inspire our leaders, giving a global view of business innovations.”

The content of the Conference was enhanced by Magnus Lindkvist, futurologist and researcher of the trends and ideas of other world-class experts and presentations of great lecturers, for example, Svetlana Kruglova, (“Pricewaterhousecoopers Russia”), Markus Villigs (“Taxify”) and Peda Bihors (“Greenbird Integration Technology”). They talked about smart business environment, “sharing economy”, new generation employees, and customers.

Magnus Lindkvist, one of last year’s powerful speakers of the world, stressed at the Conference, “We should think less about where we come from, but instead focus on where we are going. We should stop admiring products made by others and start thinking about things that are not invented yet, and what we could do about it.”

In turn Andris Breške points out, “The work does not stop, it only continues and we are already searching for new and powerful inspirers of our company leaders to invite to Latvia in 2016!”

Meet you next year at the 5th IT solutions fair RIGA COMM 2016 to be held at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre on 21 and 22 October!