NO to routine, YES to competitiveness with Robotic Process Automation and Power Platform solutions


Zigmunds Vikis, Business Development Director at Digital Mind, will present how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Power Platform (PP) solutions can help you achieve your business goals faster and overcome your workforce challenges.

The bigger and older the company, the more business processes there are that existing systems can no longer handle, with some employees becoming data collectors and report preparers. Automation is vital for large companies and corporations as well as medium-sized enterprises to improve competitiveness. Say ‘NO’ to the routine processes and enable your employees to work smarter and with more added value!

Process automation connects existing systems and different data sources and is suitable for finance and accounting, customer service, manufacturing and more. In fact, with the Power Platform and ‘low code’ approaches, data processing and business process solutions can be developed by up to 70% cheaper, reducing the workload of in-house IT specialists and significantly speeding up the process.

During the exhibition there will be a great opportunity to take part in a lottery where the 3 most successful stand visitors will receive a free business process audit for their company to identify the most time-consuming and costly processes, receiving advice on how to make them more efficient.

Digital Mind is a Baltic IT company founded in 2004 that helps organizations work digitally and efficiently through content management and process automation technologies. Digital Mind’s core business areas are the implementation of electronic information management, process automation and the introduction of the e-signature solution SigningServices.

Every company can automate more than 30% of daily tasks – find out how!