New fintech is here: Montonio is bringing disruption to e-commerce payment solutions


Meet team Montonio at RIGA COMM 2021! They’re a young fintech startup from Estonia that offers payment solutions for e-commerce businesses. With offices in Riga, Tallinn, and Vilnius, company is here to disrupt the fintech world one step at a time and create new innovative solutions to help merchants succeed and grow.

On October 15th, company’s CEO Markus Lember will also take the Executive stage (Fintech conference) to discuss:

  • The way financial services have been built as closed end to end solutions;
  • How the market is changing with things such as open banking and data proliferation;
  • How platforms built around open principles will be much more efficient in delivering value to a larger number of customers with better terms;
  • How this will ultimately disrupt most aspects of financial services.

Come to Montonio booth to:

  • Learn about Montonio payment services and how it can help your e-commerce business
  • Talk about our plans for the future
  • Have long discussions about how open banking is revolutionising the industry
  • Get your free month of Montonio to test them out 😉

Until then, check us out at or find us on Facebook or LinkedIn.