New EU cybersecurity directive. Come to RIGA COMM and follow the news on cybersecurity


Cybersecurity has become relevant for every company and private individual. There are many ways for your data to be stolen, which is why it is so important to keep up with the latest trends in cybersecurity. One opportunity for this will be on 7 October, at the RIGA COMM Cybersecurity conference.

Cybersecurity directive

In spring 2022, the European Commission proposed new basic rules for introducing cybersecurity and information security measures common for all EU institutions and agencies. According to a report from the European Commission’s representation in Latvia, the proposed cybersecurity directive will create a framework for governance, for managing and controlling risk, for improving cybersecurity capacity, as well as for assessing its maturity and cyber hygiene.

This means that all institutions and companies will have to pay even more attention to following cybersecurity rules, in order to receive the assistance they need, and compensation in the event of an attack. And to avoid fines that will be equivalent to those charged in the context of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.

Threats to cybersecurity

Cybercriminals come in several forms, and each of them have their own motivation and target for their attacks. If you, as a company or a private individual, think there is nothing to steal from you, it is not an idea you should rely on. Hacker attacks happen every day, and if targeted, are very difficult to detect, and their negative consequences are hard to avoid.

Nowadays, people are no longer surprised by daily local and international media reports of increasingly severe and numerous cyberspace incidents affecting individuals, small and medium companies, large corporations, and even entire countries and groups of countries.

The geopolitical situation, which is the worst at the moment, has given a huge boost to the activities of cybercriminals. COVID-19 has affected and continues to affect the scope and effectiveness of the public and private sector’s ability to protect itself, while EU-wide legislative changes are approaching rapidly, in the form of the NIS2 directive (Network and Information Security (NIS) Directive).

Meanwhile, other topics of RIGA COMM this year will include such highlights as the enormous speed with which the digital economy is growing as a whole. Artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printers, smart devices and even smart cities, mobility, business intelligence, financial technology, cryptocurrencies, etc. The list can go on and on, but it would be important for the reader to remember that absolutely everything that humanity has created, creates, and will create, it has also been able to change, influence, damage, or destroy.

This is why cybersecurity is more important than ever, for all of us. The high-level risks threaten both private individuals (identity theft, theft of financial assets and personal data, blackmail, etc.), as well as public and private sector organisations whose activities are vitally important to society and the country as a whole.

‘All this obviously also contributes to the fact that the cybersecurity industry is growing and developing and currently has thousands of providers, roughly divided into about 17 main categories. Nevertheless, the cybersecurity challenges, especially in the context of the economic difficulties in Latvia, are still high, because, in my opinion, most Latvian organisations and companies only have about 50% of the set of essential cybersecurity risk management tools and solutions. And there is a constant lack of human resources. This is why smart, automatic protection systems — preventive, reactive systems and incident-related systems — are of huge importance in cybersecurity,’ said Headtechnology cybersecurity expert Andris Soroka, who has been organising DSS ITSEC, the largest cybersecurity conference in the Baltics, for 12 years, and this year is also involved in setting up the RIGA COMM cybersecurity conference. Guests of RIGA COMM will get a chance to see and discover a small part of these innovative security technologies first-hand at the booths of fair participants during the two days of the event, and at the conferences, on 7 October.


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