Navisoft will present and demonstrate WEB solution PUNDUS


This year Navisoft wants to show visitors of “RIGA COMM 2019” one of their solutions called PUNDUS – Scheduled and Unscheduled Job Management System. PUNDUS is intended to assist service providers in recording, listing, managing and analyzing all job applications (eg: no lights on, toner required, conditioner is not working, etc.). On their smartphone, the assigned person receives a task where, upon arrival at the job site, the start and stop times are activated, the work done is recorded and a photo is taken. The progress report is sent not only to the manager’s e-mail but also to the job applicant’s e-mail.

The system itself creates periodic work tasks, such as lift maintenance, which must be performed once a year. Foremen see the status of all their jobs. You can see what jobs need to be done tomorrow, what jobs are being done at the moment and what jobs are being delayed. An analysis of the results of the work carried out can be done at any time.

It is possible to integrate PUNDUS with ERP / Accounting systems. This allows PUNDUS to receive lists of customers, services and objects and to send information to the ERP / Accounting system on the work done and to bill customers as needed.

Jobs may or may not be planned, but must be listed! In this respect, PUNDUS is an excellent helper.

More information:

Facebook: NavisoftRiga