More time for more serious work!


At the “RIGA COMM 2023” exhibition, it will be possible to view, get to know and try the “InPass” company’s offer:
➢ Indoor air quality monitoring – a solution that monitors the three main parameters of the room climate – temperature, air relative humidity and pressure;
➢ Employee time tracking system – the system registers and accumulates information about the activity of remote company employees, structural units and branches;
➢ Production facility efficiency solutions – the efficiency measurement solution records the usage data of production equipment, thus allowing to control production in real time;

In cooperation with InPass SIA, the first month when trying any device is free! It will be possible to discuss cooperation opportunities during the exhibition. It should be mentioned that InPass provides the widest variety of measurements, at the same time, offering a convenient and sustainable cooperation model – customers do not invest in the purchase of their own solutions, because InPass equipment is rented.

The company was established at the end of 2017 to help modern and result oriented entreptreneurs facilitate the determination of labor productivity for various technological equipment, preform the necessary data processing, as well as ensure continuous monitoring of systems.