“MEEMO” offers tailor-made digitalisation solutions for a variety of businesses


“Meemo” offers to the “RIGA COMM 2019” attendees customised and personalised digitalisation solutions for a variety of business types and needs that can significantly optimize the daily processes and automate routine tasks. “Meemo” has developed a feature-rich and intuitive “CRM+” system, a non-bank loan management system, digitalised work safety with electronic training and testing system, designed and developed customised solutions for businesses like gas stations and design agencies, businesses in such fields as accounting, record keeping and manufacturing and many others.

Meemo “E-work safety” provides digital access to and management of the labour protection documents of the client’s work force, manage a list of employees, mandatory health inspection documents and reinspection schedules, electronic employee training and testing with interactive online tests.

Meemo “Business intelligence” is a system that provides a flexible client database, a calendar with daily/weekly/monthly schedule, interactive project management, document management, a fast sales workflow starting with configuring an offer then drafting an agreement and finally sending an invoice and all this in a GDPR compliant solution.

Meemo “Workflow” is a project managment tool that allows to comfortably manage daily tasks in an interactive way regardless of the complexity of the project, manage smaller tasks, like opening and closing a sale, and bigger projects with a large team with the same ease and customise projects with  workflows and add checklists to tasks.

RIGA COMM attendants can get 50% off for the setup and configuration of a new Meemo “Business intelligence” system (setup cost is a one-time payment of 149 EUR or 349 EUR depending on the chosen package).

A variety of leading businesses in their own fields choose “Meemo” solutions, bringing the total amount of “Meemo” users to be more than 40 000.

“Meemo” – IT solutions for modern people!

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