“Latvia Technologies” will present high quality information technology (IT) solutions


LTECH.lv (Latvia Technologies) in trade fair “RIGA COMM 2022” will present high quality information technology (IT) solutions. The company will offer their own products as well as support and configuration of globally recognized solutions. They provide a wide range of integration solutions and software development services.

“Latvia Technologies” products:

  1. Billorg – invoice digitization tool;
  2. Hromo – timesheet tool;
  3. Mojo – task processing and project management tool.

IT services:

  • company management systems;
  • work accounting systems;
  • warehouse/logistics/store management systems;
  • personnel management systems;
  • insurance business systems;
  • accounting systems;
  • customer service portal systems;
  • customer relationship management, consumption accounting, settlement and technical maintenance systems;
  • project management systems;
  • customer relationship management systems;
  • marketing systems;
  • data migration solutions;
  • much more…

Company will offer three month free trial of their products to exhibition visitors (legal entities). Although to all exhibition visitors they will offer a 25% discount on the hourly rate for all development works.

“Latvia Technologies” products:

Billorg – ready-made solution for digitalization of cost documents, automatic data processing, storage and transfer to accounting systems. Significantly speeds up the processing of supplier invoices and works as a site for managing invoices. Intended not only for the accountant, but also for non-accounting companies. The system supports the export of processed and validated invoices in an .xml file to accounting systems.

How does it work?

  1. Upload the invoice or send it to the corresponding e-mail address and the system will recognize and save its content using OCR technology!
  2. Check and confirm the uploaded invoice data. With each subsequent invoice, the system becomes more and more intelligent and the manual work becomes less and less.
  3. Export data to your accounting system using a single button.

The solution can be used both as a service (Cloud) and installed on your own architecture (On premises).

Hromo – a tool for keeping track of employee daily tasks (Timesheet). Designed for both IT companies and any other company where management wants to see and plan employee activities and tasks. In the system, it is possible to create projects and attach users – after that, in a convenient way, you can view reports on the time spent in different sections. In the system, it is possible to apply for vacations and other absences that go to managers for approval. It is also possible to specify holidays in the system. The system also provides individual “To Do” tasks to record the tasks to be done on a daily basis.

The system can be easily used to issue invoices to clients/collaboration partners, and to pay wages to internal resources for the hours worked.

The solution can be used as a service (Cloud).

Mojo – a handy tool for managing projects and tasks.  Create your own projects, add a team, register task types using customised fields, with the aim of efficiently managing your daily processes. Projects can be conveniently organised in one or more portfolios. Workflows can be customised for any industry and business type. Internal reports provide a convenient way to keep up-to-date on daily tasks. KanBan and Scrum boards are integrated in the system.

Mojo solution includes following modules:

  • Task Management – Structure that divides business project into manageable partitions. These partitions consist of tasks. Task management is the process of managing a task through its life cycle.
  • Workflow Management – Provides an infrastructure for the set-up, performance and monitoring of a defined sequence of tasks.  A workflow is intended to help achieve a predefined business objective.
  • Scrum / Kanban board – An agile project management tool designed to help visualize work. Scrum and Kanban are popular frameworks for implementing agile practices in teams.
  • Project portfolio overview – Well designed overview of enterprise project portfolio gives an opportunity to manage, compare and follow main characteristics of all projects.
  • Online notification system – Comprehensible notification mechanism helps to guide you through latest information of your tasks, by avoiding e-mail spam.
  • Flexible task filtering – Versatile task searching and filter management helps user to create convenient task overview for daily usage, so as for reports.

The solution can be set up on your company architecture (On premises).

“Latvia Technologies” IT services:

In addition to existing products, we offer clients custom IT solutions, they have experience in the following business areas:

  • Development of data migration solutions;
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of system integration, electronic signatures, bank authorization, payment processing solutions;
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of corporate customer portals;
  • Maintenance and development of insurance business systems;
  • Development and maintenance of the company’s personnel management systems;
  • Development of document digitization and automatic processing system / Maintenance of accounting systems;
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of retail network warehouse management, logistics and store management systems;
  • Implementation, development and maintenance of ship maintenance, accounting, procurement and fleet personnel systems;
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of customer relationship management, consumption accounting, billing and technical maintenance systems for energy trading companies;
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of statistical data collection and processing systems;
  • Development of custom products and solutions.

The company is offering IT services since 2008. They maintain, develop and adapt already functioning products, as well as develop new custom solutions suitable for specific customer needs.

Their specialists not only listen to the customer’s wishes, analyze problems, find optimal algorithms, program and test the customer’s needs – the creativity of the employees also manifests itself as self-initiative in the creation of new “Brīvs” ltd products.

In 2021, a group of young, creative enthusiasts joined the experienced IT specialists of “Brivs” ltd to work together as a strong, cohesive team and expand company’s opportunities and offer. The merger resulted in Latvia Technologies (www.ltech.lv). They work according to both Agile and Waterfall methodologies.

Contact information:

Web page: https://ltech.en/

Phone number: +371 25602758

Email: info@ltech.lv