Is Latvia ready for the Internet of Things?


The Internet of Things (IoT), not well known yet, is already active part of your daily life and business. The IoT tools are already “operating” in many cities and “taking part in” nation-wide processes. Answers on how to make best of the IoT and avoid already known mistakes, you will find in the Internet of Things Conference to be held for the first time in the Baltic States on 21 October during the RIGA COMM 2016 Fair at Kipsala International Exhibition Centre.
Even a few decades ago, watching “Back to the Future” and other fiction movies, we could only dream about smart things to make our life more comfortable. It is a reality today. What is the Internet of Things even though? IoT is habitual things that have now become “smart”. Connected to the Internet, they are able to provide information and know how to cause certain events – turn on the lights in a house or in a city, ensure safe traffic during city festivals or even treat patients remotely. IoT is also smart wearable things that inform, protect and entertain its wearer, and many more.


While the Internet of Things Conference is held for the first time in the Baltics, we have succeeded in attracting to it the world’s leading technology companies. I am pleased that our businesspeople and local government leaders will have an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding of the companies that are a step ahead of the others, owing to the innovative thinking and purposeful work on the future technologies,” told the RIGA COMM project manager Andris Breške.


Among the conference participants there will be representatives from Samsung, Bosch, Deloitte, Siemens, ABB, John Deere and Kaspersky, who will offer information on IoT applications in various industries: urban planning, medicine, construction, finance, logistics, etc. Conference topics: smart cities and connected vehicles, smart homes and wearables, telemedicine and smart healthcare etc. The Conference content will be particularly useful for various industry professionals, businesspeople, urban planning specialists and local government leaders.


One of the Conference speakers is Stefan Bergman, a General Manager at Robert Bosch Oy, who is directly liable for the development of company’s new business directions in the region. Bergman will share experience and company’s future plans on “Smart Cities & Connected Vehicles”, give an insight into the trends of substantial project development in global enterprises, as well as the main trends of IoT. “Digital change and increasing connectivity of things provide immeasurable opportunities that make technological advancement faster than ever before,” says Bergman.


Currently, Bosch is the only company in the world developing the IoT technologies at all levels necessary for smart connectivity. This allows the company to be the global leader in such big scale projects as smart cities.


Smart City solutions are also active in Latvia, for example, in Jelgava. “A human and his safety is the most important thing in a Smart City. That is why introducing the latest technology, the first thought is about it. For example, a 24h traffic flow monitoring, analysis and coordination has greatly improved safety on streets. A video surveillance system operating in a city performs preventive maintenance of public order; lighting system automatically reduces the intensity of light in some streets thus saving municipal resources,” tells Andris Rāviņš, the Mayor of Jelgava City.


Samsung, a global technology leader, has been supplying smartphones, smartwatches, smart TV, fridges and washing machines to customers worldwide, but what news are expected in the near future? Sergey Kostyuchenko, Director of Consumer Electronics and Enterprise Business at Samsung Electronics Baltics Conference, will tell what is just around the corner.


Completely new features and benefits also brings entirely new risks. One of the world’s best-known e-security companies Kaspersky Lab has long been working on the IoT security. Denis Makrushin, an expert of the Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky Lab, will speak on an important theme – Security and privacy in a connected world. It turns out that a huge number of public IoT devices are vulnerable for potential abuse, potentially endangering users’ data, networks of companies they belong to, or both. Kaspersky Lab provides answers to several questions: How easy it is to compromise a terminal in the park? What can hackers steal from there? What can be done with hacked device? How can the internal network of the installer organization be penetrated? How to protect public devices from attacks?


The RIGA COMM 2016 visitors and participants can visit the IoT Conference at no extra charge. Working language – English. More information:


About RIGA COMM 2016: the IT Solution fair RIGA COMM is an annual IT and business event for operators in different sectors, public institution managers and IT professionals, that presents the latest products, expert advice that will help choose the most appropriate solutions for businesses or organizations. New this year: Gadgets Area and the first in the Baltics Internet of Things Conference.


RIGA COMM is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1.

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Venue: Kipsala International Exhibition Centre


Opening hours:

20 October        10.00–18.00

21 October        10.00–18.00


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