@ RIGA COMM 2018 Biznesa tehnoloģiju izstāde un konference

HANSAB – Innovative technology solutions for businesses!


For more than 25 years, Hansab is a leading company providing innovative technology solutions to various public and business sectors throughout the Baltic States:

  • Banking and Finance;
  • Retail;
  • The public sector
  • Educational institutions;
  • Hotel and entertainment industry companies;
  • Transport and logistics companies;
  • Industry and health care companies.



RIGA COMM 2018 from Hansab will be able to view the customer experience improvement solutions and get advice from our experts.

Providing a full range of advice on how to use different technologies makes it possible to streamline many customer-centric processes by optimizing both human resource costs and enriching customer experience at the same time. Find the right solution for your needs. We have supplied our products and services both to small merchants and large stores across the Baltic region, Belarus and Finland.


After-sales support and maintenance work with one purpose – a common goal – to ensure the good functioning of all installed equipment, as well as operational and longevity of operations. It helps the company to focus on customers rather than on the daily routine of accident prevention.

Our mission: we help you to be safe and efficient

Our vision is to be the leading partner in innovative technology solutions.



Deniss Rubens

Sales and marketing director

+371 29241094