Fintech company “Factris” will offer factoring for business development


In “RIGA COMM 2020” visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about what factoring is and how it can help business development, which will be offered by Fintech company Factris.

Most recently, Factris introduced the first automated financing platform in Latvia. With its help, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs can attract working capital online in a very short time – even within one business day – to stabilize cash flow.

During the event, Factris will introduce visitors to factoring services and conditions. In turn, entrepreneurs themselves will be able to apply for factoring of their companies in person with special conditions, which is currently 0.5% for 30 days and free insurance, which is also provided for export transactions.

At the heart of Factris’ activities is that more companies, in changing market conditions, should be able to grow and develop rapidly without being dependent on their debtors by offering working capital.

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