Feeport: simplifying declaration of imported eCommerce goods into the EU


Feeport will present its SaaS-platform x7trade for automatic customs clearance of low-value b2c eCommerce goods imported into the EU from the third countries.

X7trade is a smart and neutral software platform developed by Feeport, it enables supply chain stakeholders like consolidators, customs brokers or other logistics service providers to meet new regulatory requirements and declare in bulk low-value (<150EUR) eCommerce goods imported into the EU from third countries in a secure and efficient manner.

Feeport will be running a demo version of x7trade to show how the platform enables its business users to automatically lodge bulk import customs declarations of low-value eCommerce goods.

Feeport is a Tallinn-based eCommerce technology enterprise aiming to provide EU- and non-EU based businesses with innovative and tested technology to enable a seamless customs clearance process for low-value B2C eCommerce goods imported into the European Union.

Feeport objective has been to create a neutral cross-border eCommerce software platform that we named X7trade which helps B2B supply chain members to streamline and automate the customs clearance process for B2C low-value eCommerce goods imported into the EU from third countries.

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