Elevate your Customer Expierence with the CXify Software Suite!


Do you provide your customers a good experience? Nowadays people are accustomed to a personalized experience, so they expect it everywhere!

In Riga COMM Machine Learning conference Pearl will present how they use neural networks and traditional search scoring to build personalized search engine. This technology is used in one of their products in CXify Suite –  software suite built to help e-commerce, marketing, and growth teams increase engagement, conversions, and retention through AI driven personalization, improved search capabilities, and advanced loyalty programs. Read more at https://cxify.cloud and visit Pearl expo stand for a free demo!

Pearl is one of the leading Nordic CX, commerce and ERP partners for SAP and Salesforce solution implementation and operation. With proprietary PearlCare program Pearl is providing one stop solutions and IT operations to successful Nordic Corporation, supporting digital success stories and the people creating and running them.

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