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EchoTech presents an unique positioning system for improving the training processes of sports teams


The company SIA EchoTech has built and is actively developing its product EchoSports, which combines equipment produced abroad with software created locally in the company. The aim of the product is to promote the development of sports, improve the training processes of sports teams and to contribute to scientific and academic research in the area of sports.


An innovative positioning system has been created that can track the movement of athletes in the court, pitch or racing track. This system, compared to its rivals, is very precise in determining the position of an athlete in the court, his or her speed, acceleration, distance covered, speed of changing direction and other parameters in any place of the court or period of time – both at indoor gyms and outdoor stadiums.


Development of training process in sports teams – current global trends in sports clearly indicate the positive effect of technologies on the preparation of sports teams. EchoSports wishes to offer technology solutions not only to professionals, but also to amateur teams and sports schools.


Development of sports science the goal is to provide a constant flow of data, following training sessions and matches on a daily basis. This process will create opportunities to sports educational institutions for performing research. It will contribute to the development of sports science and create new directions for the development of the products and services of the company.