Discover the new Aranet indoor air quality sensor!


Visit SAF Tehnika – Aranet at the stand B28 at Riga Comm where you will have a chance to:

  • Test our latest gadget – the innovative wireless CO2 monitor Aranet4
  • Get the latest information on other Aranet wireless sensors
  • Get a special deal for Riga Comm visitors only!

SAF Tehnika is a leading wireless microwave data transmission equipment manufacturer helping to provide connectivity in more than 130 countries worldwide. Aranet is a SAF Tehnika brand that offers an environmental internet of things (IoT) temperature and humidity monitoring solutions for variety of businesses. The latest innovation Arane4 is a compact, portable and easy to operate device lets you know when the CO2 levels in a room become unhealthy. The device offers a fun way to test the air quality wherever you are – Aranet4 shows CO2 measurements directly on its e-link display with corresponding color indicator and configurable sound alarms.

Look for Aranet at stand B28 at Riga Comm 2019!

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