Discover Latvian IT and electronic innovations at RIGA COMM!


Latvian companies, universities and research institutes will present their latest innovations at RIGA COMM 2020 on October 15 and 16. See blockchain for the food industry, digital work safety system, and other inventions in the Innovation Stand and the Magnetic Latvia exhibition.

Blockchain technology for monitoring food quality

Food producers want to provide consumers with high quality food, so the start-up Kedeon has created a solution that allows you to track temperature changes throughout the supply chain, from production to consumer. The sensors developed by Kedeon measure not only temperature but also detect light intensity, humidity and other factors that affect food quality.

The data is stored using the distributed ledger technology and cannot therefore be changed, and all parties involved have access to the data. The system allows suppliers and end consumers to make sure that products have been in appropriate and safe conditions during delivery and storage, and allows companies to identify and correct existing deficiencies in delivery processes. Get yourself acquainted with the Kedeon solution visiting the Innovation Stand. It is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, which provide for the last link in the supply chain – from shop or warehouse to customer.

Automated railway crossing monitoring system

Railway crossings are very important but dangerous points of contact between the road transport and the railway infrastructure networks, where serious accidents with fatalities and major material losses continue to occur. Existing control systems, which use either video surveillance technologies or laser technologies, are sensitive to difficult visibility conditions (mist, snowfall, rain, etc.) so that a railway crossing attendant is required to control the situation and stop trains if a means of transport has stopped or freight has fallen on the crossing.

Researchers from the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science offer frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) radars operating in the 76-77 GHz band as an ideal solution. With such frequency range radar, it is possible to determine the exact location of vehicles, people, different objects, and meteorological conditions are unlikely to significantly influence the performance of the technology. The system created by researchers will carry out automated rail crossing controls and alert a train driver about emergency in good time. Learn more about the system in the Innovation Stand.

Digital work safety system

The startup Meemo as part of the Magnetic Latvia business incubator exhibition will show off new approach to the work safety training ‒ E-work safety. It is designed to reduce the administrative workload in large companies, for easy document editing, storing, and creation and to make deadline traceability easier. The system also offers remote e-training for employees.

Representatives of the company will show how the system can create individual, employee-specific briefings through testing and interactive elements. Similarly, Meemo will explain how more easily and accurately prove employer’s activities to the controlling authorities in a traceable way.

Smart clothing to increase the efficiency of physical training

In the Innovation Stand, you will also be able to learn about clothing with sensors that allows human body motion tracking in 3D space. This outfit created by the Institute of Electronics and Computer Science provides an opportunity to create virtual trainer apps that track exercise and provide feedback on the correctness of execution, thereby increasing the efficiency of training and reducing the risk of injury. The outfit is used to assess the correctness of movements in areas such as ballet, yoga, home workout, etc.

Algorithm for indexing time series data for habit analysis

In the Magnetic Latvia Business Incubator exposition, learn about an algorithm that converts time series data of any length into a single index that contains the main behavioural features of the original data. A time series is data that is generated on a regular basis, such as a fixed cash balance at the end of each day.

The solution proposed by Alpha Visum is adaptable to different sectors, but it will be particularly useful for analysis of data in the financial sector. There is currently no equivalent solution available on the market that allows grouping, filtering and incorporating visual behaviour as a separate parameter for data models. Explore practical examples of how established indexes can be used as separate parameters in large data sets to help easily search, group, filter, find anomalies or forecast data based on data behaviour, and use them as separate parameters for improving artificial intelligence, machine learning and financial risk assessment models.

The Innovation Stand is organised by the Latvian Technological Centre and Enterprise Europe Network in Latvia; the exposition of business incubators Magnetic Latvia is organised by the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia.

RIGA COMM is an annual business technology event in the Baltic States where developers and suppliers of enterprise resource management, document management, HRM and security systems, suppliers of cloud services, internet and digital marketing services, web solutions and mobile application developers, and ICT product manufacturers offer ready-to-use and tailored solutions for companies in different industries and of different sizes, municipal authorities and organisations to facilitate efficient operation.

The exhibition is complemented by an extensive conference programme. In two days, more than 80 lecturers will speak from four stages in at least six events. In recent years, the RIGA COMM business technology event has been attended by approximately 5000 managers at different levels and professionals from Latvia and the rest of the Baltics.

RIGA COMM is held by the International Exhibition Company BT 1 in cooperation with Intelligent Machines Riga, Riga TechGirls, SmartHR Latvija, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mailigen, Finance Latvia Association and other partners.

Tickets to the RIGA COMM business event are available online, or at the box office. Ticket price will increase as the event approaches.

Venue and opening hours:

Ķīpsala International Exhibition Centre (Ķīpsalas iela 8, Rīga)

15 October 10.00–17.00

16 October 10.00–17.00

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