Triple 20 @ RIGA COMM 2018 Biznesa tehnoloģiju izstāde un konference

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The best shot in a darts game is, apparently, the shot in the centre of the dartboard; however… It turns out that it grants the player only 50 points. That’s why we consider a triple shot in the 20 point section to be the most accurate, as it gives the player the maximum amount of 60 points, hence the name “Triple20”. By definition “accurate” is applied to not only hitting the mark, but also to achieving results, being fitting, appropriate and striking.

Accurate marketing means higher income for your company, which can be achieved by developing a digital marketing strategy that isn’t obvious, but is based on conclusions derived from analyzing the given campaign, homepages, company data, and applying contemporary digital marketing solutions.

To find out which contemporary digital marketing solution suits your company the most, we invite you to visit the “Triple20” workshop during the exhibition “Riga COMM 2018”– you will find us near the digital marketing stage.

To receive even more detailed advice for the growth of your business you can apply for a 30 minute consultation within the framework of the exhibition “Riga COMM 2018” on 11 and 12 October. Guests of the exhibition may receive the consultation free of charge. Available consultation times and application for consultations is available here:

The more accurate the question – the more valuable the advice!


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